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Must Have Items for Any Roadside Emergency

It's everything you pray you won't ever need to use—here are the items for any roadside emergency you can encounter. You'll thank your lucky stars you decided to keep these in your car.

I know most drivers are like me, you say you'll make a list of items for any roadside emergency to have in your car and never get around to getting them. It's okay, we all do it, there's no shame in admitting it. I was recently in a little fender bender, my first accident, and the front end of my car was slightly banged up. Thankfully, my car was in good enough condition to drive home but it got me thinking how unprepared I would be if I encountered any major problems in the future.

I decided then and there to stop procrastinating and pick up some important items that could be invaluable in the right (or wrong, I guess) situation. After some research and price-comparing, I found a few items that I decided to include in my car and few that you should consider in yours. It's time to stop beating around the bush and make sure you and whomever you're driving are prepared and safe.

Aerosol Tire Inflator by Fix-A-Flat

If the company or product's name did not give it away, this spray can seal all punctures up to a quarter of an inch. That's all there is to it. No extra tools or equipment needed, this aerosol is ideal for anyone who is less than proficient with hands-on automotive work. What's the best part, you ask? The extremely portable spray-can is eco-friendly. So if you don't have a spare tire or run-flat tires, there is no downside to having this in your car, as it can fit almost anywhere.

MAX Strength Duct Tape by Duck

The old saying "If you can't fix it with duct tape, you're not using enough duct tape," is exactly why it's considered one of the items for any roadside emergency to have on you. An Amazon Choice due to its low price, high-rating, and quick shipping options, if you're going to trust any brand for your duct (or duck) tape, it has to be Duck. Known for its high adhesion and strength, duct tape can fix most problems and is portable enough to fit in your glove box.

Professional Tire Pressure Gauge by Accu-Gage

An item that I would bet not many have, a tire pressure gauge can one of the more important items you can pick up for relatively cheap. The one from Accu-Gage is easier to use than you're imagining and comes with a lifetime warranty. Instead of paying money to a gas station or service center, checking to see if your tires are still safe is a job you can do yourself.

Portable Compressor by VIAIR

So you checked the tire pressure with your gauge and are not pleased with the numbers that it gives you. Luckily, you've decided to grab all the items for any roadside emergency related to tire issues. VIAIR's portable compressors are the kings of self-inflating your tires and come with their own bag. 

It may look heavy, but its only five pounds and it provides a service that you would otherwise need to pay a gas station for. Save your money long-term and have this in your car at all times. Yes, it may be hard to fit this in your vehicle, but just a few simple car organization hacks will ensure you have all the room you need.

All-Purpose First Aid Kit by First Aid Only

Obviously, a first aid kit is absolutely necessary to include in your emergency car kit. First Aid Only blows almost every other first aid kit out of the water. It has 299 high-end supplies, including bandages, tools, medicines, and every other thing you might need. With 92 percent of the 2,600+ Amazon reviews giving this either four or five stars, this is clear-cut choice to keep everyone in good health.

Nitrile Gloves by Ammex

Another exclusive Amazon Choice, these gloves are items for any roadside emergency for those who are well-versed in cars and those who think they are. With three times as much puncture and chemical resistance than latex gloves, these nitrile gloves by Ammex are perfect for assessing or analyzing any problems your car may be suffering from. 

There are a lot of hot surfaces and dangerous chemicals under your hood, so assessing what's wrong if your vehicle is acting up is dangerous work. Possessing super diamond plate texture, these gloves offer an enhanced grip in greasy/wet applications, which occur often under the hood. The extra large box from Ammex contains 100 gloves and is relatively cheap and transportable.

GPS Navigator System by Garmin

While it is certainly dated due your cell phone and its routing capabilities, there's nothing wrong with having a backup GPS system. If your phone is malfunctioning (which mine always seems to do when I'm in uncharted territory) or dies and you don't have a top-rated USB car charger, an old-school GPS can make all the difference. 

The most trusted and recognized name in the GPS industry is Garmin, and for good reason. This model offers you the street you're on, the speed you're going, the speed limit of where you are and when you will arrive. It also warns you about speed changes, school zones, and speed cameras. If you want a quality backup navigation system, Garmin is the choice.

Heavy Duty Gauge Booster Cable by AAA

The "Heavy Duty" in the title is not just for show with these jumper cables. One of the more traditional items for any roadside emergency, these cables from AAA offer 100 percent more power than regular ones, which can make all the difference when your car won't start. The 16-foot long chords are color-coded and have high-quality rubber insulation, making them simple and easy to use. Just like Garmin before it, AAA is a name you can trust, especially when things go wrong.

Jump Starter 1700 by Weego

In case you're stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cars around to utilize your jumper cables, a jump-starter is a more reliable option. One full charge can make the 22S last for a whole year, thanks in large part to its long-lasting 12V lithium-ion battery. Weego also boasts patented clamps that are ergonomic and can fit in any small space. Even if you have doubts, which you shouldn't considering Weego is the professional editor's pick of the NY Times, LA Times, and Popular Mechanics, their 18-month warranty puts any you still have to rest.

Rechargeable Heavy Duty Plus Fire Extinguisher by First Alert

Perhaps the most common sense product of the items for any roadside emergency, everyone knows what a fire extinguisher does. Since it's an item that needs no explaining, I've decided to focus on brands and First Alert offers a high-quality unit. 

Only weighing five pounds and being 16 square inches, this model can easily fit in your trunk and prevent any dangerous fires. The label is water and chemical-proof and has four easy to follow instructions, which are of paramount importance when you're in a hectic, stress-induced state of having to use one.

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Must Have Items for Any Roadside Emergency
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