Jesse Kinney

Huge sports fan, primarily hockey and football. Also a big TV and movie fan. Recent Marist graduate writing about whatever interests me!

10 Best Headrest Mounts for Your iPad or Tablet for Your Backseat Buddies
10 months ago
With the summer officially arriving, it's time to prepare for fun road trips with friends and exotic vacations with your family. My family always takes trips during this time of the year but we rarely...
10 Best Portable Tire Inflators for Your Car or Truck
10 months ago
Perhaps the most important item that is in the "You won't need it often but when you do, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you have one" category, portable tire inflators are of unparalleled importa...
Must Have Items for Any Roadside Emergency
a year ago
I know most drivers are like me, you say you'll make a list of items for any roadside emergency to have in your car and never get around to getting them. It's okay, we all do it, there's no shame in a...
Pros and Cons of Having Run-Flat Tires
a year ago
You may not have heard the term run-flat tires, but you definitely know what they are. The term refers to the tires that can suffer a puncture and still be able to work for a considerably long time. A...
10 Convenient Gadgets to Keep in Your Car
a year ago
You're at the final stage now. You've already gone through your list of things to do before buying or leasing a car. The car of your dreams (or the nicest one you can afford, let's be real here) is no...
10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Car Insurance
a year ago
Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. Cars are costly, relied on, and need to perform on a daily basis for most. Going to a dealership and purchasing one is comp...