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Baby boomer, Pharmacologist, Movie reviewer and proud grandfather.

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How to Tell If You're Buying a Lemon
6 months ago
Buying a lemon, if you are not acquainted with the term, is buying a vehicle that does not perform to par as its dealer promised. The entomology of alluding to second-hand cars in deprived conditions ...
10 Reasons Your Car Is Making a Grinding Noise When You Brake
7 months ago
If you own a car, you are going to have some issues with it eventually. One of the issues that comes up frequently is your car making a grinding noise when you brake. This is a pretty common issue tha...
Best Ski and Snowboard Racks For Your Car
a year ago
We spend so much time in our cars now a days, it's important that your car meet all of your needs. We're not just talking about the MPG or how long your rechargeable car can last on a single charge. W...
Most Reliable Sports Cars
2 years ago
Having a sports car is often considered to be a luxury purchase, and to a point, people tend to make the (wrong) assumption that sports cars aren't reliable as a result. After all, the idea many have ...
Inexpensive Reliable Cars
2 years ago
If there's one thing that I've noticed over the years, it's how many people talk about how hard it can be to find an inexpensive yet reliable car. Most cars out there, if they're reliable, will cost o...
Lookback at the Best Auto Magazines
2 years ago
A lookback at automobile history requires a lookback at the best auto magazines. Ever since the beginning of the auto industry – even before normal people could afford the automatic vehicles – people ...