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Worst Ford Vehicles Ever Made

Known as one of the most talented muscle automotive manufacturer in America, Ford's made it's fair share of mistakes in the past, as can be seen in the worst Ford vehicles ever made.

Whether it's cabin space, engine malfunctions, or a bad build quality to begin with, the worst Ford vehicles ever made sort of speak for themselves in connotation to their undoing. While not all of these historically un-innovative road killers are out of production, most (if not all) are known to be pretty useless in any context asked. Likewise, not every single car listed below is as unattractive as the next, but they are some dated looks if anything. 

Ford first came about in 1903 and revolutionized the way we look at building cars and the contexts of faster production. Henry Ford's game changing innovation with the assembly lines became a cultural consideration of American interests not only in the form of automotive enhancements, but in monopolization entirely. While Ford may have introduced us to motor vehicles and swifter manufacturing capabilities, that's not to say they're expelled of any mistakes (as history has shown, they're more prone to it in actuality). 

1974 Ford Gran Torino Elite

Similar in theory to the way the Mustang II came into development, Ford stole from Mercury in all kinds of ways during the 1970s. This was no different with their side of luxury vehicles, then deemed the Ford Gran Torino Elite.  

For the very fact that Ford had stolen this concept from Mercury's Cougar is enough to warrant it as among the worst Ford vehicles, but adding to the effect was the car's major issues. For one, the nose was absurd, plus the car itself was so loud no one realistically wanted to drive it. Chalk it up as another Ford tragedy, the Gran Torino Elite no sooner became scrapped. 

1971 Ford Pinto

The 1971 Ford Pinto became famous for being among the worst muscle cars in history, mainly because it literally exploded into a ball of flames upon a rear-end collision. It also became the topic of controversy when Ford decided not to recall it for financial concerns. 

That's right, this is what became deemed the Ford Pinto Memo. Spending the money to recall and fortify the rear end of the Pinto was $121 million, while simply settling with victims in court ended up being no more than $50 million. This is why the Pinto easily makes itself known as among the worst Ford vehicles ever made. 

Ford Explorer

It was supposed to a smashing success for SUVs everywhere, but the Explorer no sooner saw itself deemed as one of the worst Ford vehicles for its accident-prone build amid the 1990s. On top of this were several legal disputes that made Ford come under fire by Firestone, the tire manufacturer.

Early renditions of the Ford Explorer are certainly known as negative, but without these mistakes the Explorer of today might not be so well-advanced. The SUV of the 1990s was made almost like a truck, with its chassis elevated at the center, which only made handling that much more difficult (especially after a tire exploded).

1993 Ford Aspire

It's ugly. It's compact, so much so that it almost looks uncomfortable to drive (as it is to look at). It's also among the worst Ford vehicles. Looking like something from KIA, the 1993 Ford Aspire was actually a replacement for another terrible Ford vehicle, the Festiva, which was built by Mazda under license in South Korea by KIA. 

This was an attempt by Ford to enter into a world they should have known better to avoid: the supermini market. No one, not even the manufacturers I bet, liked this hunk of junk upon release. By 1994, the time of it's introduction, everyone was already complaining about the design. 

1990 Ford Escort

You may recognize the Ford Escort, for it almost looks like an early KIA blended into the likeness of a 1980s BMW. The two-door coupe of a compact vehicle no sooner was deemed among the worst Ford vehicles for a number of considerations, such as its mismatched package of additional qualities. 

The Escort is regarded as among the most popular car creations, but one 25 year old version was criticized for its dull design, poor build quality, and lackluster amount of extra equipment. On top of these disturbances, it was also considered boring, noisy, unrefined, and simply the worst within the Ford department. 

Ford Mustang II

In addition to being among the least fuel-efficient cars of all time, the Ford Mustang II is also one of the worst Ford vehicles ever made. Not to mention the fact that it's got an ugly body, to begin with (and is, overall, a stupid concept), the Ford Mustang II is still wondered in terms of tragedy or triumph. I'd say it was triumphant in being a tragedy worse than Shakespeare's best, but that's just my opinion.

The muscle vehicle was first introduced in 1973 and lasted a good five years before people were not just tired of it, but absolutely finished. Due to a decrease in sales, Ford thought it would be smart to reinvent the classic pony car with a smaller body, a rounded quarter window style, and inexpensive price tag. Hell, the first car of its kind won Motor Trend Car of the Year, despite falling by the wayside later in life. 

1984 Ford Bronco II

The Bronco was made infamous by the likes of OJ Simpson and his insane run from the cops across the LA highway system, but the Bronco II faded into obscurity about the moment it hit the market. Drawn up as a two-door version of the Ford Explorer, another addition to the worst Ford vehicles, the Bronco II was tipsy, too tall, short-wheel based, and narrow in width, all of which made it ten times more susceptible to rollovers.

Even beyond this, after nearly 70 people died in one year, ratings dwindled and the car was no sooner replaced by the Explorer. While the compact body physique made many ogle, its Ranger-esque appearance only added to its eventual downfall, but at least the likes of the Jeep Cherokee and Chevy Blazer came about because of it. 

1958-1960 Ford Edsel

Coming in hot as a high speed fail, the Ford Edsel easily tops the list of worst cars in general, while still bing one of the worst Ford vehicles ever made. It was not only a complete waste of muscle-luxury fusion that could have been cool if done right, but was also so expensive no one wanted to waste the money. 

Ford sunk quite nearly $400 million into this project. While that figure may not show in the end results, Ford's Edsel was still a quality family car even though no one really wanted to drive it. 

1908 Ford Model T

Though some might want to consider it one of the top Ford muscle cars, in actuality the 1908 Ford Model T was nothing but a dumpster on wheels. Unfortunately for the drivers in those times, windshields had yet to be invented, brakes were ill-fitting (if they even worked) and not a single car accident ended well. 

For these reasons, the Ford Model T is now known as among the worst Ford vehicles even though it's a piece of automobile history. There were over 15 million sold upon its release, due to the fact that it was an automotive legend, despite being a death trap thanks to having no front brakes (to side with Ford, it was less expensive to build the cars without them). 

Ford Probe

Gone by 1997, the Ford Probe would have made Henry Ford curl in his grave. The compact, race-like vehicle was not so much built for high speeds, as it was to be a contender against the likes of Mitsubishi's Eclipse and other long, racer hatchbacks. 

Ford literally made this car as a replacement for the Mustang. In addition to having a real bad name to begin with, the Probe also had major design flaws and eventually became drawn up more so as a mistake than a revolutionary concept. 

2010 Ford Flex

In addition to it having some severe setbacks in production, the Ford Flex was received with some ill reviews by most drivers. One annoyance voiced by most drivers was the car's engine would fail by at least 73,000 miles and by 97,000 the transmission was gone, too. 

On top of these rather serious concerns, the 2010 Ford Flex also saw some major issues with the water pump, which seemed to leak upon demand, and the crankcase was another faulty mishap that actually was due to the leaking water pump, which dripped water over the case. Talk about poorly built, the Ford Flex instantly became known as among one of the worst Ford vehicles, and rightly so. 

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