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What's the Best New Ride for Your Family?

Choose your family ride wisely

family ride

So you’re thinking about getting a new family car? There are many choices, but what’s the best ride for your family?

A lot will depend on your needs, preferences and the size of your family. Here is a guide to help you determine which vehicle—minivan, van, station wagon, or sports utility vehicle (SUV) is best for you.



  • Roomy—usually minivans seat seven and have plenty of room to store other items.
  • Easy to drive and you can easily spot your car, since it’s elevated.
  • Comfort—the latest minivans come equipped with captain’s chairs for the driver and front seat passenger, as well as a second row of captain’s chair seating.
  • Park with ease—they are easy to park and because they are smaller then a full-size Van or truck, they can fit better in your garage.
  • Many options—choose from front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive.

Minivans are generally great for camping trips with your family. So if you are a camping freak then this option is great for you.

Just remember wherever you go camping, make sure that you have can filled with pure water purified by a good water purifier.

If you don't have water purifier then you can find a list of the best water purifiers here.


  • Lack style—they are not as stylish as a sports utility vehicle.

Station Wagons


  • Roomy—though less roomy than a Minivan, most station wagons seat five, plus lots of storage room in the back.
  • Lower ride—since they are lower to the ground, they are easier to get in an out.
  • Driving and parking is easy. Many station wagons are modeled after their sister sedans, which makes them easy to drive.
  • Latest improvements—current midsize wagons are safer, less expensive, more fuel-efficient, and easier to drive than sports utilities of the same size.


  • Lack style—they also are not as stylish as a sports utility vehicle.

Full-sized van


  • Very roomy—This is your only option should you need room for more then seven people. Some can fit up to 15 people.
  • Comfort—newer van models offer modern conveniences and comfort.
  • Smooth ride—You can expect the car to handle the road well fairly well.
  • Less options—only rear wheel drive is available, however this means increased towing capacity.
  • Safety issues—since they are classified as trucks, they are not required to meet the more stringent passenger car safety standards.


  • Gas guzzler—the V8 engines require a considerable amount of gas.
  • More difficult to drive and park because of its sheer size.

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s)


  • Off-road driving—they handle off-road with ease.
  • Ideal for harsh weather conditions—they are easier to drive then minivans in harsh weather.
  • Stylish—this is the fastest growing automobile segment, many luxury models are now available from Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and others.


  • Difficult to get in and out—since they are elevated higher, it’s more difficult to get in and out.
  • Gas guzzler—since they are heavier and have higher gearing, they burn more gas.
  • Less roomy—they have less interior space than a minivan or van.
  • They ride like a truck, which can mean increased road noise.

Buying a new car can be a big investment. The best way to judge which one is right for you is to test drive them. You may even want to rent the cars for a few days from your local car rental company.

Make sure to practice parking in your garage, in a parking lot, driving on the highways, and in your neighborhood. Take your family for a ride and solicit their opinions. Then you’ll truly have made an informed, family decision.

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What's the Best New Ride for Your Family?
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