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Things to Do When Attending a NASCAR Race

Heading to your first NASCAR race soon? Follow this list of things to do when attending a NASCAR race and you'll be sure to have a great time!

Attending any NASCAR race is a really fun experience. Whether you go to races constantly or it's your first time, don't be surprised when you find yourself enjoying every minute of it. Who doesn't love watching cars race? Just the thrill and rush of the cars driving past the crowd on the track at such a fast speed gets nearly anyone's blood going.

But, if it's your first time attending a NASCAR race, you're in for a real treat. It'll be like watching Cars in real life. But, if you begin to see faces on any of the NASCAR cars, then you must be on something.

Hey, maybe this race will inspire you to become a NASCAR driver yourself? Anyways, while attending any NASCAR race, you must always be prepared. That's why I've conjured up this list of things to do when attending a NASCAR race. Do nearly everything on this list, and you'll surely have an awesome time.

Dress Comfortably

You're not going to a high-end party or attending any event that expects you to dress nicely. You're attending a NASCAR race — not an engagement party.

So, when it comes to dressing appropriately for a NASCAR race, girls, don't throw on stilettos or flowy skirts or dresses that will immediately be lifted up from the rush of air from passing race cars. Instead, put on jeans or a comfortable pair of pants. Also, wear shoes that are comfortable like flats or sneakers.

This goes for the men, too. No flip-flops, unless you want people to unexpectedly stomp on your toes. So, I advise everyone to stick with the sneakers.

Reserve Seats

When it comes to attending a NASCAR race, reserving seats is the first thing everyone must do. If you don't reserve seats, tough luck. You'll either be given terrible seats, or possibly no seats at all.

That's why reserving will not only give you great seats, but it will provide you with seats.

Also, get there early... OK? If you get there late, not only will you have to deal with the horrible line to get inside, but you might even miss parts of the race. You don't want to spend money on a race and show up 15 minutes late, right? 

Park Far Away

You probably think I'm crazy for tell you to park far away — but you really should. In order to avoid traffic getting to the race and even leaving the race, you should park far from the tracks.

Yes, the walk will be slightly torturous but you will survive. And look at the bright side, you won't have to deal with being stuck in traffic for a solid hour.

Buy Souvenirs

Most people who are attending a NASCAR races don't bother buying any souvenirs — or even looking at them. But they're making a mistake. Bringing souvenirs home will always remind you of that great time you had at that NASCAR race.

Get your hands on a t-shirt, a toy race car, a mug, or anything else that they're selling. Also, buy something that you genuinely like, of course. And buying your loved ones who are fans of NASCAR a souvenir will definitely make their day. Even though you really should've bought them tickets to see the race, a souvenir will be just as exciting for them...kind of.


This is probably one of the more difficult things to do when attending a NASCAR race — getting autographs.

In the beginning or at the end of every NASCAR race, popular race car drivers will be lingering around the track and are being attacked by hardcore fans trying to get pictures with them and autographs.

If you're a dedicated fan, or want to get your loved one an autograph signature, then find the time and push your way through the crowd to obtain a signature and a possible photograph. The bruises will be worth it.

Bring Earplugs

I cannot stress this enough — seriously, bring earplugs. If you can't stand excruciatingly loud noises, I really advise you to bring earplugs. And if you don't own a pair, it's possible that somewhere by the tracks someone is selling.

The cars during the race will be zooming right past you and the noise of it all can really be painful to certain people. If you're among those people, then earplugs will be your lifesaver.

Wear Sunglasses

If you're attending a NASCAR race during a really sunny day, bring a pair of sunglasses. Not only will they block out the sun's bright rays, but you'll be able to watch the race more comfortably.

Nothing is more painful and annoying than watching a car race without sunglasses on a sunny day. It literally kills the mood and you'd also miss parts of the race.

Bring Drinks

Whether your tailgating before the race or you want to enjoy a few cans during the race, always bring your own drinks.

NASCAR races can also provide you with drinks, but they'll either be expensive for no reason, or they might not have what you like. So, bringing you own drinks will be less expensive and you'll be drinking what you like while enjoying the race.

Stay the Weekend

While attending a NASCAR race, why not stay the weekend?

Staying the weekend includes a lot of great benefits. Not only will you and your friends be staying at a hotel of your choosing, but you can attend events that take place at the track.

These events vary from one track to the next, making each event a new experience and a fun time. You can get a lot out of spending the weekend at the racetrack.

Have Fun

The most important thing to do while attending a NASCAR race — have fun, of course!

NASCAR races are obviously meant to be an exciting experience for everyone. So, go with friends, loosen up, grab a few drinks and a bite, and enjoy the rush of the cars speeding right past you. It's possible to even witness car crashes during the race.

Also, make sure you're clear of the racetrack, and stay safe along they way.

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Things to Do When Attending a NASCAR Race
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