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The Truth!

MCA - The Product That's Misunderstood

MCA, short for Motor Club of America, is one of the most misunderstood business/product ever. I am here to break it down easily and explain what Motor Club of America really is.

If you go on Google and type "MCA" in the search engine, the first thing that you will see is "work from home and make $500-$1,000+ a week." Or you might see something along the lines of having a career with MCA. This can be true but not entirely. Many people believe it's a scam, but it really is NOT. Those people who say that MCA is a scam have been given the wrong information and they probably haven't done their own research. (If you are going to invest in something or you're unsure about the product, don't you think the smart thing to do is research what you're putting your money into?)


Many of you are probably wondering, what is the Motor Club of America? Well, it is the largest roadside assistance service company in the United States and in Canada. It has been in operation since 1926. They offer a handful of amazing benefits other than roadside assistance. 

Some of these benefits include: 

  • Health & Wellness Discounts
  • Travel Planning & Reservations
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Bail Bonds

Those are a few benefits they offer. They have so much more for such a great price! If you are interested or want to read more about the benefits they have I posted the link below. Please feel free to check them out.

From my personal experience, their benefits are fantastic! One day, I was leaving my doctor's appointment and found out I had locked my keys in my car. I called the MCA membership number and they sent someone over to where I was and they were able open up my car door without damaging it. So I got my keys back. And guess what? Since I have an active membership with them, I didn't have to pay anything! It was such a lifesaver. Another benefit I used was there travel benefit... BEST THING EVER! I love this benefit because we travel a lot. MCA has partnered up with some of the top hotel chains and rental car agencies. (The really nice ones) I saved over $300 using their travel benefits. I also love that they have a prescription discount card for your medications. I have health insurance through my job, but I use my MCA wellness card to get my prescriptions because it saves me so much more money than what Blue Cross and Blue Shields insurance does. They also have vision and dental discounts but I haven't used them yet just because I really don't need to.

Now, let me explain why people call MCA a "scam," when in reality it really is not.

MCA has an affiliate program for people who have an active membership. For those who don't know what an affiliate program is, it is where a company pays the affiliate (which is you) for each customer that buys a product from the company, for your effort of marketing one of their product(s).  

As an affiliate you are suppose to be promoting or marketing their products. But the main reason why many people call MCA a scam is because the affiliates are promoting "Make $500+ a week," "Be your own boss," "Work from home," "Make money by posting on social media," etc... Although, it is true that you can make money with MCA, you can be your own boss, and work from home, but that is entirely UP TO YOU. The question is do you want to make a career with MCA? Because you can, but YOU  have to put in the effort, just like you do in any career. The company is not going to pay you just because you are promoting it on social media... You actually have to put in some time and work, whether it's full-time or part-time. And to actually make money, you have to sell, sell, sell.

And that is the truth about MCA.



Plan includes:

  1. Battery Boost
  2. Fuel Delivery
  3. Tire Change
  4. Lock-out Service
  5. Wrecker Towing Service
  6. And Much More!
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The Truth!
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