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The Legend Is Back

Here's the Toyota Supra again!

Here's the Toyota Supra again! This 30-year-old front engine, rear-wheel drive sports car offers unparalleled adventure. With its electrifying power, balance and speed, the new Toyota Supra flies the car lovers to the top of the driving experience.

Supra 900 Club

In the first year after the launch, the new Toyota Supra will be delivered to 900 lucky European customers. However, they will not only enjoy their sport cars, but also become members of an exclusive company, the Supra 900 club.

The Supra 900 club members can count on many benefits: access to exclusive content, customized merchandise, and a range of priceless experiences during producing and delivering their cars.

Enjoy the power!

Continuing the legacy, the front-end, six-cylinder engine of the new Toyota Supra knows everything you can do to speed up your car's heartbeat. Stunning performance, vibrant sound and world-class technical solutions all serve one purpose: the most enjoyable driving experience.

Highway or racetrack, it does not matter—this high-performance sport car drives 300 horsepower from its 3.0 liter engine. The keys of the always available power and instant response are the twin turbocharger, high-precision direct injection and variable valve control. The Toyota Supra reaches 100 km/h in less than five seconds, and thanks to its incredibly smooth power output, the car can be perfectly controlled while swerving.

Enjoy the balance!

Optimal mass distribution, lightweight structure, low center of gravity: these three things are the souls of a true sports car. Our engineers are obsessed with perfecting them to make the new Toyota Supra into an exciting machine.

The 50:50 mass distribution of the nose-motor, rear-wheel drive, two-seater coupon is simply perfect. The aluminum and steel composite body is incredibly rigid and light, the center of gravity is low and the wheelbase is short. Thanks to these, the car is confidently stable, its grip is almost limitless and its behavior is balanced and neutral.

Enjoy the control over the car!

Exciting, captivating and enjoyable—the Toyota Supra has been designed to be a joy for drivers of any capability. Its body features an electronically controlled active differential and adaptive tread (AVS) so the car can be perfectly controlled no matter where you are.

The electronic control unit distributes the traction between the two rear wheels with an active differential. The drive distribution is flexible, so the car behaves neutrally in every corner of the turns and remains stable and precise when it comes to strong acceleration or strong braking. Thanks to the sophisticated comfort and domination of the highly advanced AVS system, Toyota Supra puts a smile on the face of the driver both on a technical racing track and a country road full of turns.

Born on the Racing Track

The new Toyota Supra is made by the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, where the racing experience is a big advantage. This is how this impeccable sport car was born, which is in the same element on the race track as it is on the highway every day.

The Evolution of A-Code

The legendary A-model of the Supra began with the luxury cars of the 70s, and the sport cars of 90s did not know compromises either, it is now all back in the new Toyota A90—the machine we designed for the pure pleasure of driving.

The Perfect Balance

The highest level of motor sports engineering ensures that the new, uncompromising Toyota Supra is just about in the perfect balance in terms of wheelbase, track gauge, center of gravity height, instant steering response and extraordinary turning behavior.

The Spirit of Supra

All generations of Supra are linked by the same genetic code: two basic traits that have appeared in all our cultic sports cars and can be traced back to the 2000GT model. One is a series of six-cylinder engines with smooth running, vibrant gas reactions, and the other is a nose-motor-rear-wheel configuration. This is the real guarantee of a clean, flawless driving experience.

Behind the Mask

During the development phase, the shape of a new car is usually hidden from curious eyes. In this case, the body is covered with camouflage in black and white geometric patterns.

But we wanted to find something more memorable for the Toyota Supra A90 prototype. After all, a legend, even in camouflage, deserves something unique and distinctive.

Racing Car Genes

Developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the nose-powered rear wheel drive GR Supra Racing car perfectly embodies the philosophy of driving pleasure.

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The Legend Is Back
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