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Brian Anonymous3 months ago
My Biased Review of the 2016 Ford Focus SE
I needed to get a car a few months ago, and I have to admit I'm a lousy car shopper. I rarely shop around, and I barely bargain with the dealer when I get there. When car dealers see me come in they p...
Talking You Through the Different Types of Turbochargers!
First and foremost, do you know what a turbocharger is? Have you ever noticed cars zoom past you with fumes coming out of their tailpipes? Yes, the first reaction will obviously be shaking your head a...
Maurice Bernier3 months ago
My Jeep and Me Forever!
I know that there is an old expression that says that we are to love people, and like objects. I understand. I do love people, but there are four inanimate objects that I like. They are my trumpet, my...
My Thoughts on the Hyundai Sonata 2005-2010 NF Generation
This may look like your ordinary car that you've seen driving around a suburban area by either someone who doesn't really care about cars or by an old man. But it's a lot more, this car is actually a ...
Tonyj 7 months ago
Land Rover Freelander Review
In the range of the Land Rover product line, the Land Rover Freelander has its own style, clientele, and brand recognition. A used vehicle buyer should note that this variant is available in all wheel...
Tonyj 7 months ago
Jaguar XF Luxury
The Jaguar XF luxury for sale is suitable for long journeys because inside you are comfortable and you never feel tired. It is also suitable for short journeys. Jaguar has always combined the elegance...
Brian Anonymous8 months ago
My Review of the TD MyAdvantage App
I’ve been using the TD MyAdvantage app for the past week and I learned a lot about my driving habits and general driving habits in my neighborhood. This app has opened my eyes to a lot of different as...
The Freeman Show10 months ago
Brand Dilution
I had the pleasurable experience of a fortnight's holiday in Lanzarote, the most eastern of the main islands that make up the Canaries, situated just off the coast of Morocco. During my stay, the weat...
Alex Andruntsiv10 months ago
996 Turbo or E92 M3
With a budget of about forty thousand the options you have for a fun, comfortable and practical sports car are pretty good. Unless you’re looking for something more specific. Maybe you want to hear tu...
Cato Conroy10 months ago
JDM Gear for Guys
Very few cars have a community as tight-knit and competitive as true JDM machines. JDM, which stands for Japanese Domestic Market, is a specialized genre of cars that are really only supposed to be so...
Brian Anonymous10 months ago
I Got to Drive an Audi R8 Spyder!
How could this even happen? I for one didn't think it was possible! The first car I ever owned was a '99 Mazda protégé. It was fun and zippy and I think it just had over 100 hp. I now own a 2010 KIA F...
JDM Gear for Girls
The JDM car community is one that's reserved for those who really, truly love power and durability in their cars. JDM, or Japanese Domestic Market, is a community that is very heavily tied to street r...
Vicky Bonda year ago
Lexus Lover
I want to share my opinion on what it’s like to own a Lexus and the pros and cons of owning one.
Dave Schneidera year ago
Best Alternatives to ZipCar
With the turn of the century, a change started in car rentals—there was a demand for hourly rentals at a low price for people who didn't own their own car. Zipcar was on of the innovators in this fiel...
Iggy Paulsena year ago
Funny License Plate Frames on Amazon
Your car is your chariot and one of the most expensive purchases you can get. Considering how much people spend on their cars, it's not surprising that they tend to be a way for people to express them...
Buddy Browna year ago
Top 18 Must-Have Car Accessories & Gadgets 2018
Road tripping is great, especially if you have a reliable car. Your car can become your own personal chariot to beautiful beaches, gorgeous roadside attractions, and some of the best music festivals i...
Brad Goulda year ago
Best Steering Wheel Covers
Steering wheel covers add to the appearance of your car, particularly the interior. They're really the best accessories to modernize an old car. You can dress up an older car and make it look like new...
George Nekilana year ago
Best Car Spoilers You Can Buy in 2018
They're called car spoilers for a reason: because they're an exterior upgrade that has the capability to increase the speed of a vehicle, hence why they are placed on a majority of professional race c...