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Most Unbreakable Records in Racing

In NASCAR, IndyCar, and other epic racing circuits, those who made unbreakable records remain legendary.

What makes a record unbreakable? Is it the fact that it's so hard to do so, or is it a change in the regulations that makes it literally unable to be beaten? With racing, it's often a mixture of the two, with a dash of brilliant luck added in for good measure. 

Over the years, many racing legends have come around that have managed to shatter records. Some records are so insane, that they are given the title of being unbreakable. With these records, myriads of people have tried to break them, but not one has even come close. 

Ever wonder what it takes to have one of the most unbreakable records in racing history? Here's the scoop on the most incredible records to ever grace the tracks. 

Most IndyCar Victories: 67

To kick off the list of the most unbreakable records in racing, let's talk about the AJ Foyt's career. Foyt is known as one of the best race car drivers in the IndyCar circuit—not to mention one of the most successful. His success ended up breaking a lot of records.

AJ Foyt's 67 IndyCar victories would make anyone's jaw drop, just by the sheer number of wins alone. This is over 12 more wins than the next runner up, and the more than 20 wins than anyone who has even the most remote chance of beating that record within their current career.

As a result, Foyt's track record is considered to be unbeatable. 

Most IndyCar Wins from Pole: 24

The only person to come even close to AJ Foyt's career is Mario Andretti, and he has around 50 wins in the IndyCar circuit. Though he may not have a record-shattering number of full victories, Andretti does have one thing over Foyt: the number of wins from pole.

Two dozen victories from this starting position has proven to be unbeatable for every current racer on the circuit. Even the most likely candidate, Will Power, has only 15 wins from this position. 

Daytona 500 Victories: 7

It takes a lot to be one of the most successful NASCAR drivers of all time, and no one knows this better than Richard Petty. This legend was infamous for shattering records when it came to wins and speed—as well as being one of the many people in his family to pursue a career in racing.

Petty's biggest claim to fame is the number of Daytona 500 victories he's claimed. Right now, no one has come close to his seven victories. Cale Yarborough, who was the only one to even get remotely near during his career, had four.

As far as unbreakable records in racing go, this one is hard to ignore. 

IndyCar Championships: 7

AJ Foyt claimed yet another one of many unbreakable records in racing during his stint as an IndyCar racer. His seven IndyCar Championship wins has beat out every other race car driver in history—and just like with his 67 victories, no one even comes close to beating it.

Two other drivers are tied for second place with four wins; however, both are slated to retire soon. Among those who aren't looking to retire from racing, most will only have one win at most. 

Formula One Fastest Race Laps: 77

Fastest race laps are some of the hardest records to break, primarily because everyone in Formula One is working to flex their speed at every second. That's what makes speed demon Michael Schumacher’s 77 fastest race lap one of the most unbreakable records in racing.

To date, only two people have even come close to getting half of what Schumacher's totals have been during his 19-year career in Formula One. Both of those two people are nearing the end of their careers, which means that no one has managed to come even remotely close to what he's been able to do.

Formula One Poles: 72

Though Schumacher may have made one of the most unbreakable records in racing for the fastest lap, he wasn't the one who annihilated the record for the most Formula One poles. That would be fellow racer, Lewis Hamilton.

Though he's only 32 years old, he currently has made one of the most hard-to-beat records out there. Only three other people in the circuit have even half of that number, most of which are retired.

The only one who isn't is an active driver who seriously would need to step his game up to get close to the guy who currently holds the record. Will he? It's hard to say quite yet. 

Most NASCAR Cup Series Poles: 123

Most of the top NASCAR drivers wish that they had as many unbreakable records in racing as Petty did. Heck, most professional NASCAR drivers probably wish that they went into as many races as Petty managed to do.

As of right now, his record of 123 NASCAR Cup Series poles remains one of the most unbeatable in the industry. The only one who came close, David Pearson, retired after 113 poles. Of the people still hitting the track, the one who currently holds the top pole position has a total of 53 poles.

Yep. That record isn't being broken too soon. 

NASCAR Cup Series Wins from Pole: 61

Another one of the unbreakable records in racing gotten by Richard Petty is the amount of wins from the pole position. This isn't surprising, considering that he's got the highest number of poles of all time as one of his other records.

Even so, knowing that he won almost half the races that he got a pole position victory in remains pretty impressive. That talent is what makes him one of the richest NASCAR drivers of all time. Prize money does add up, after all. 

NASCAR Cup Series Wins Per Season: 27

Here's another Petty win as far as world records go: 27 NASCAR Cup Series wins in a single season. This remains one of the most unbreakable records in racing, primarily because there are now only 36 Cup Series races in a single NASCAR season.

To win 27 of them means that 75 percent of all races in a single season goes to you. All the other record wins that come close to that also belong to Richard Petty, so it's safe to say that no one else will be breaking this record in a while. 

Most NASCAR Cup Series Victories: 200

Last but not least, Richard Petty's final score also remains one of the greatest unbreakable records in racing history. The man, often called the King of NASCAR, earned his title by getting over 200 different Cup Series victories throughout his career.

It's very unlikely that anyone in the future of NASCAR will have a total that's anywhere near him. In fact, Jimmie Johnson, one of the most successful current drivers in the league, currently tops the modern charts at 83 victories.

That's less than HALF of what Petty did. No wonder he's the king, right?

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Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown

Detroit-born Buddy Brown is a 80s hair metal fan who loves cars, games, and sports. When he’s not drinking PBR while listening to Downtown Brown, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto or working on his El Camino.

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