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Max Verstappen, Best F1 Driver or Not?

F1 Driver

Max Verstappen started F1 racing when he was only 17 years of age. He is now racing for one of the top F1 teams, Red Bull Racing, after he was promoted from his first team of Scuderia Torro Rosso. So far, he has had eleven podiums, three of which have been first place. He has qualified in second place before. Remember he started when he was only seventeen. What were you doing at the age of seventeen?

Facts about Max Verstappen

He is the youngest ever person to be a formula one driver and was also the youngest to win a Grand Prix. Although he was born in Belgium, he competes with a Dutch racing licence. He started his racing career with carting. As well as carting, in 2014 he raced in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship for Van Amersfoort Racing. The first time he drove a Formula 1 car was in the first free practice of the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix. He was 16 then. What would you do if you did this at 16 years of age? He is the first driver to win a Grand Prix race under the Dutch flag.

The Reason He Was Promoted to Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen was 18 at the time he and Daniel Kvyat swapped teams. This was because Ferrari and Mercedes were interested in luring Max away from Red Bull. Red Bull Racing did not want to lose Max so they decided to promote him to second driver on the first team of Red Bull Racing.

Was Max born into F1?

Max Verstappen is a very good driver but where did he get the skill from? Actually, his father, Jos Verstappen, was a racer himself. Jos Verstappen is a Dutch former racing driver. After his F1 career, Jos Verstappen has won races in A1 Grand Prix and Le Mans Series LMP2 races. Prior to his F1 début in 1994, he was also the German Formula Three champion and Masters of Formula Three winner in 1993. Jos was the most successful Dutch F1 racing driver before he retired and started mentoring his son Max to Formula 1, in which he has been fairly successful, with Max becoming the youngest ever Grand Prix winner and winning three races so far, at the age of 20. Even Max's mother was a highly successful carter.

Formula 3

In Max's season of Formula 3, he scored a podium at his first race weekend. Six wins and eleven podiums followed just in one season. He was only 16 and he had seven wins in a row.

What were the benefits of being promoted?

The race after he had been promoted, he beat Kimi Raikkonen, who was twice his age, by 0.616 seconds. Talk about being close. He was put into the first team, which led up to basically having a faster and better car than before. He was in a team with Daniel Riccardo.

When did he start racing?

He was given his first go-kart at the age of four and competed in first kart race at the age of seven. He was a Belgian champion in the mini category at the age of eight. He won all 21 races the following year to retain his title.

FIA Action of the Year Prize

Max has won this award three years in a row now for his daring moves when overtaking people and amazing last lap passes. This year, he won personality of the year.

Just remember, he started at 17 so he is hardly into his career but has already won three Grand Prix’s and is racing for Red Bull Racing at only 20 years of age. That is truly spectacular.

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Max Verstappen, Best F1 Driver or Not?
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