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Know More EV

It's not just the car.

EV is abbreviated from electric vehicle. These are cars that run solely on electricity. There are other abbreviations that are hybrid vehicles with both electric and a combustible engine to run the car, having the ability to charge with a lead, there are also hybrids out there that cannot be charged via a charging lead and will use the engine to charge the batteries. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as they do help the environment and also keeping the range up to get to any destination you require, without stress of finding a place to charge so often. The range is getting better on all the new electric vehicles as are the makes and models with exceptional designs. 

There is so much more to just owning an EV. First off, there is having the easy ability to charge your car, you may need to check what charging lead comes with your purchase if any at all. If the lead has a domestic plug on one end, then you will have the trickle charge lead which will be charging for a long period of time. It is advised to use a socket outlet with its own supply as it is usually 10 amps running hours, not to mention the other appliances and sockets that might be used at the same time on the same circuit. The socket CAN get hot and CAN melt. So if it's possible, get an electrician to put a new socket on its own supply near to where you need to charge. Do not use an extension lead!

It may pay to get a faster charger installed at your property or even at work, to have them installed at your house, the maximum would be a 32 amp charging unit in which charging rate would still depend on your cars' battery charge rate but would always be faster than your trickle charge lead. Having the faster charger charging at 32 amps would mean increasing your demand for electricity usage, so avoid using the charger with other high rated appliances at the sane time; for example your electric shower, hob, and double oven. These 3 appliances alone will use roughly 80 to 90 amps with an average main fuse of 100 amps, not leaving much for your average energy use. 

To get these charging points installed, it is best to go to the recognized  professionals to complete an up to standard install. They all offer different ranges of chargers including ones with charging leads attached to the charger itself for ease of use, these will have a type 1 and type 2 plug. So make sure you know which one your car needs. Type 1 is rounded with a clip at the top for releasing and type 2 is rounded with a flat top which lock into your car. I myself would recommend this product for type 1s as there is no way of locking the the lead to the car. Charging leads are also expensive and could save you money buying this product although having that lead could benefit you with charging at work or with those service stations that require a lead. All leads will have the female version of the type 2 plug which will plug into any charging point. 

There really is so much more to electric vehicles, they are coming in fast and will change the way we see the world. There will be many more free renewable energy abilities to come with just owning an electric vehicle and a charging unit. Keep your eyes peeled for the cleaner future with cheaper energy bills.

Believe it, try it, share it.

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Know More EV
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