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JDM Gear for Girls

Are you a girl who loves your Mitsubishis and Mazdas? Lady gearheads will adore this list of JDM gear for girls.

The JDM car community is one that's reserved for those who really, truly love power and durability in their cars. JDM, or Japanese Domestic Market, is a community that is very heavily tied to street racing and car mods rappers regularly mention

Most people who are into JDM car mods or anything related to JDM as a community are male. However, that doesn't mean that ladies can't get into the fun as well. I have a pair of boobs and am a proud Mitsu Spyder driver; we *do* exist out there.

As one would hope, some mavericks have helped people show their pride in their cars through awesome wardrobe additions. If you're a lady who's a big fan of Hondas, Mitsus, and Toyotas, you're going to love this list of JDM gear for girls. 

JDM Racing Shirt by Japanese Motorsports Street Racing Tees

Whether the community wants to acknowledge it or not, there are a lot of serious Outrun vibes that tend to permeate the JDM world. Maybe it's the racing aspect, or the fact that 80s aesthetics just seem to jive with street racing cars, but whatever the reason is, it works well. 

Plenty of JDM gear for girls and guys feature this aesthetic, but few will have it as apocalyptically juicy as this shirt does. Akira, anyone? 

Doin' Donuts by JDM Racecar & Drift Shirts

Got turbo? If you're lucky enough to have a wallet that has enough cash to make it happen for your car, then you know you do. This is one of the very few shirts that qualifies as JDM clothing for girls that brings a little turbo reference into the humor. 

Admittedly, this is a bit more comedic than most fashion shirts you'd see. Even so, it'd be fun to wear at a car show, don't you think?

Clutchkick Leggings by HardTuned

When it comes to making JDM gear for girls, no one does it better than HardTuned. This JDM megastore is all about bringing super-stylish gear to the forefront of the scene, and also makes a point of showing that car fandom isn't just a guy's thing. 

Their leggings are a great choice for women who love to drive stick. Their hoodies, too, tend to be really awesome regardless of which gender you choose. 

Subaru Love Team Hoodie by Subaru Gear

Subaru was one of the first companies to openly come out in support of lesbian couples, and unsurprisingly, they also happen to have a lot of JDM gear for women available to them. 

Female fans of subies will be happy to know that they have tons of options when it comes to showing their love. This official rally hoodie offers up an adorable design and a very obvious love of Subarus. 

Not Sponsored Decal by OwnTheAvenue

A common remark many women hear in the JDM world is the accusation that the car they own was "sponsored by mommy and daddy." Sadly, it's one that many women have heard despite showing ample knowledge about JDM. 

This decal bites back, and gives women the chance to preemptively strike back that those snide remarks. 

Life's Too Short Tee by Guerrilla Tees

If you're cool with unisex shirts, then you might want to check out this oh, so true saying emblazoned on a super-snuggly cotton tee shirt. Life really is too short to keep driving a stock car. 

You need to drive modified cars at least once in your life if you really enjoy the art of car modification. It's just too good to be missed! Go ahead, live life your way. Get that turbo in, let your rims be chrome, and slap on a decal. You know you want to. 

Turbo Spooling T Shirt by Funny Turbo Car Enthusiast Shirts

Finding JDM gear for girls often means that you'll end up finding a bunch of fandom-related gear that isn't really stylish enough to wear out and about. This Turbo Spooling shirt is a little bit different, thanks to its very "Shepherd Fairey" type of design. 

If you're a lady who's a fan of Obey brand streetwear, it'll be difficult to resist this pretty fandom shirt. 

Clutch/Gas Socks by Wrenches & Bones

Real JDM girls can drive stick—or at least, want to learn how to drive stick. With manual gear cars, you don't have two pedals. Rather, you have three, and you will need both feet in order to drive a stick shift car. 

This pair of socks might be some of the most manual-friendly JDM gear for girls who are still getting used to using both feet instead of just one. It's functional and stylish. We approve. 

JDM Import Hoodie by Noizy Clothing Co.

Sometimes, you just want to show off your love of JDM with a warm, snuggly hoodie. This beautiful pullover hoodie gives your wardrobe a nice little urban twist while also offering up a subtle nod to your love of cars. 

Fleece-lined and ultra-soft, this is some of the most comfortable JDM gear for girls and guys on the market. (It also doesn't look too bad, either!)

Synthwave JDM Shirt by JDM Lifestyle

JDM Lifestyle is another fan favorite for people who love to show off their love of Japanese Domestic Market vehicles. They, too, enjoy the edgy synthwave-outrun vibes that tend to make so many people in the scene smile just a little extra. 

This cute synthwave-themed tee is one of the nicest examples of JDM gear, in our opinion. It's got techno, cars, and a little Japanese aesthetic. What's not to love?

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JDM Gear for Girls
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