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JDM Car Mods You Will Love

Love Japanese Domestic Cars? Then you'll love these JDM car mods that have been making rounds on the net.

If there's one car community that really shows pride in making cars the best version of themselves, it's the JDM community. JDM, which stands for Japanese Domestic Market, is a community that focuses on high quality cars made for Japan's domestic market. 

Epic cars like the Mazda Miata and Subaru WRX have JDM counterparts. While most American JDM fans will not be able to have a Japanese motor in their Miata, they still can get the awesome JDM aesthetic going with the right car modifications. 

Wondering what mods have been getting the JDM world abuzz? Check out these popular JDM car mods that have been lighting up Instagram and more. 

(Note: I realize that not all the cars on here are Japanese Domestic Models. I'm showing the modification, not the car, in most cases. Please don't hate me!)

Turbo Boost with VTEC Engine

As far as JDM car mods go, nothing beats a modified engine with a turbo boost. This colorful setup has been done by @EGK_Coupe on a Honda Civic, and features a fully customized VTEC engine, turbo, a colorized turbo guard, and an engine grill that says, "I <3 Haters." 

We can't imagine how good that motor must run. All we know is that we love what we're seeing. 

Body Kits

Truth be told, most people won't have the money or tools they need to drop a new engine into a car. It's just not something most people can do unless they have a lot of skills and have been professionally trained to do so. 

If you're looking for one of the most common JDM car mods that actually *is* doable, take a look at this Toyota Glanza. That body kit that gives the car a lowered appearance is able to be recreated on most JDM cars, especially more common ones like Honda Civics. 

This is mostly a visual mod, rather than a functional one. Even so, this is one of the few relatively cheap car mods that will make your car look fly AF. 


It's true. Spoilers are one of the most popular JDM car mods you can get, and when done right, can add a tasteful flair to your car. Though they are mostly there to add some wind resistance, the majority of people who are into them tend to see them as an aesthetic thing. 

The problem that most people have with spoilers is the fact that a lot of them literally seem hammered onto the car's body. It's better to try to match the spoiler with the car's aesthetic. 


We're going to count decals among JDM car mods, simply because they are so deeply tied into the car culture. If you're an American JDM fan, showing which car club you belong to can be a good way to start—as is adding a custom decal that gives your car a name. 

In terms of price, this is one of those car mods that start cheap but often ends up costing a whole lot. Due to the way law enforcement tends to judge, these car mods are police magnets

Car Wraps

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to afford $50,000 paint jobs. In reality, not many people outside of a rapper or a Saudi prince will be able to afford this. Car wraps exist so that we can all get the great paint job we want at a price that will not involve us selling our souls. 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of car wraps because they can offer looks that are very difficult for regular paint to achieve. Case in point, this holographic car wrap. 

Custom Rims

The entire idea behind most JDM car mods is to build a better street racing car. That's why engine modifications, spoilers, and turbo are all so popular among JDM enthusiasts. Great as those are, nothing quite is as important to your car as a good set of wheels. 

Though most people recognize these as car mods that rappers regularly mention, the truth is that there's a practical side to good rims. Custom rims can help improve the speed of your car while also giving your car a personalized touch. They might be pricey, but they are totally worth it. 

Custom Shocks

Obviously, improving your car's racing capability means that you're going to have to improve your car's ability to deal with bumps in the road and sharp turns. To do this, you're going to need to get aftermarket parts—specifically, shocks. 

These goodies will allow your car to drive smoothly and overcome any block your race car could have. Yum. 

Stanced Wheels

Stanced wheels are a "hit or miss" with a lot of JDM aficionados. Stancing pushes wheels out onto an angle, and is mostly seen as a status symbol. Cars can accelerate better with stanced wheels, but there's a big catch with them. 

Stanced wheels tend to wear out quickly, and often can be damaging to the car in the long term. If you are into this look, you definitely can make it happen—even if it's not necessarily the best for your car. 

Racing Seats

Racing seats are both a status symbol and a creature comfort, and truth be told, they can make any car look race-ready. Racing seats are great for statement cars and can make any regular commute feel a little bit better. 

Believe it or not, this can be a relatively affordable car mod to do, depending on your skill. Racing seats alone can cost as low as $300 for a pair, making it a pretty reasonable option if you can DIY installation. 

Racing Lug Nuts

The devil's in the details when it comes to upscale JDM car mods, and such is the case with these babies. These are Japanese lug nuts that are designed to lock onto your car's rims and add a nice touch of style without the possibility of having people steal them. 

Admit it. You want them on your car. They're so gorgeous, right?

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JDM Car Mods You Will Love
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