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Get the Car of Your Dreams Into Your Garage

Start saving for your dream car this year!

If your current car is making strange noises and leaving suspicious fluids on the garage floor, then it’s time to think about getting a new one. For most of us, a vehicle purchase is a considerable one especially if you’re ready to bring home your dream car. When you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, it can be tough to figure out how to get enough money together. Here are a few ways to save up for your dream car in 2019.

Figure out the amount.

Before you start putting money away for your dream car, take a few moments to review your finances. Also, research the car that you want to determine its cost. After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to establish a savings target. With one in place, you’ll be able to determine how much time it will take you to save enough for your dream car or a sizable down payment for it. A specific target is easier to focus on than one that’s vague. Once your target is set, stick to it, but make sure that your target is realistic.

Get a savings account.

Saving money each week or month is tough to do. When you have money at your disposal, it’s tempting to spend it. To stop this from happening, get yourself a savings account as soon as you’ve decided to start putting money away for your dream car. Storing your money in one place also makes it easier to track how you’re doing. Don’t just open any old savings account. Take some time and shop around to find the best interest rate. This will help you reach your goal faster.

You will need a budget.

Prepare a weekly or monthly spending plan to track your money and to make sure that you don’t spend cash on anything unnecessary. When you’re planning your budget, make it as tight as possible to save more toward your dream car. The more you save, the faster you’ll be parking it in your garage. Don’t cheat on your budget. Doing so is just cheating yourself out of what you really want. While everyone faces financial emergencies, it’s possible to be careful and avoid spending money on things that are frivolous.

Review what you’re spending money on to determine where you can make cuts. Most people spend money on things without making the decision to spend it. This includes things like television, phone bills and internet. You may have a television plan with a list of cable channels that you don’t watch. If this is the case, then consider downgrading to a plan with fewer channels or changing to a different provider that’s cheaper. You may be able to do this with your phone and internet provider as well.

This is also a good time to check your credit report to make sure that it’s high enough to qualify you for the lowest possible interest rate for your car loan. Paying on time helps you save money since you’ll avoid paying late fees. On time payments also help you maintain and improve your credit score. Don’t apply for new credit cards. It’s tempting to accept a new credit card offer when creditors offer free stuff and discounts for accepting them, but if you acquire too many in your name, it can lower your score.

Pick up overtime.

If you work for an employer who offers overtime hours, then work some of them. Often, workers turn this offer down without thinking about it, which is understandable. People work hard these days but putting in overtime every week or whenever the opportunity arises can boost your finances significantly. The next time additional hours are offered to you consider working them to get the extra money that you need for your dream car. Overtime hours usually pay time and a half unless you get the chance to work a holiday. Most employers pay double time and a half for those who work them.

A second job is another way to save up the money that you need for your dream car. Keep in mind that it would only be temporary until you have the funds that you need. Who knows? You may find a better job in the process.

Shop around for your dream car.

You probably already know what kind of car you want, but you should still shop around for the best deal on it. The internet is a great help. With the availability of online shopping, you can search for the cheapest price. Some car dealers offer internet pricing, so be sure to check when you go in for a test drive.

Along with shopping for a good deal on your car, look for a good deal on an auto loan if you’ll be financing the purchase. You’ll pay less for your vehicle in the long run if you get a lower interest rate.

Fix it up.

If your dream car is not one that’s current, find one that’s seen better days and fix it up yourself. With the internet there are plenty of online websites to buy car parts on a budget. RPI designs is one of the best places to look for aftermarket car parts. You can also find parts from your local salvage yard. Fixing up your own will not only result in you driving the car of your dreams, but it also comes with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Spend less at the grocery store.

While you could cancel your cable, smartphone service and most of your entertainment expenses, food is essential. For many of us, our food bill is our most expensive one each week. With the right steps, you can probably save money on food, money that you can put away for your car. Most supermarkets have the same offerings, but since they compete, some stores are cheaper. Along with saving by switching stores, you can also save by purchasing less expensive items. Generic brands are usually as tasty as popular ones, so see if you can save with generics. Most of the time, the difference in flavor and quality is minor. Also, coupons can save you quite a bit as well.

Decrease your energy bills.

Energy bills can drain your finances pretty fast. With utility expenses, it can be easy to just accept small increases without taking steps to lower them. Ignoring the increase means that it will take longer for you to save up for your car. The first step is to make sure that you’re not wasting money on energy. Be vigilant about turning off lights. Also, plug everything into a surge protector and turn it off when you leave your home for work or go to bed at night. Don’t leave appliances plugged in when you’re done using them because they continue to use power even when they’re not turned on.

Change your furnace filter regularly and use ceiling fans if you have them. Take advantage of the sun and your blinds to decrease your power bills. In the winter, open your blinds to let the sun warm your home. When summer arrives, close your blinds during the day to keep your home cooler.

Take a break from eating out.

Eating out is an enjoyable experience. It is also convenient. Once you’ve made the decision to save for your dream car, take an eating out hiatus. It’s cheaper and healthier to eat at home. Along with eating at home, make your own coffee and bring a lunch to work. If you do eat out, then do so with a coupon or select cheaper menu items. Sharing food is also a good way to save money and calories when dining out.

Change your entertainment.

You can save money on entertainment too. Visit museums and national parks on free days. You can also purchase city discount deals and go to the theater on $5 days. Save money for your car by renting movies from Redbox. Another entertainment option is to invite your family and friends over for game nights instead of going out.

Make repairs.

If your current car or an appliance breaks down, repair them. Don’t jump the gun and get your dream car until you’re financially ready. Fixing your old one will help you continue saving until you have enough. Repairing appliances also saves money. When your appliances get to the end of their lifespan, time buying new ones based on yearly sales. For instance, September and October is the best time to get large appliances. The end of the year is also the best time to start shopping for your dream car.

Limit Shopping

Shopping can derail a savings plan. Avoid losing your dream car to this by limiting your shopping. The internet makes it easy to purchase things, a little too easy. Make it harder to shop online by opting out when an online retailer asks to save your payment information. If you’re forced to add this info in whenever you buy something, you may rethink the purchase. This could help you avoid making impulse purchases. Try to stay out of retail stores while you’re saving for a car. Staying away from them can also make it easier to avoid impulse buys.

Save up for your dream car in 2019.

When you save up for your dream car in 2019, you’ll not only bring home the car that you’ve always wanted, but you’ll also do so while staying financially secure. Once you’ve successfully brought home your dream car, you’ll have the satisfaction of accomplishing your goal. 

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Get the Car of Your Dreams Into Your Garage
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