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Essential Tools for the Home Mechanic

What tools should a mechanic have?

A garage is a special place in your home. It is private – your guests are rarely invited here. It’s protective – securing your car from theft and elements. Finally, this is your creative space since you like taking good care of your car. For your garage to be fully functional, it has to have a high-quality door and to be equipped with certain tools. The latter can be conveniently bought in a local shop or online. But, which ones do you have to possess so as not to be left without an essential while you’re right in the middle of some important operation? Here’s a brief list for every home mechanic out there.

Ratchet and Sockets

First things first. Perhaps you would think buying a complete ratchet set is a bit too much, but you’ll be just fine with it. Or any other aspiring mechanic in the holiday season (you can’t say it doesn’t make a perfect gift). It’s always better to have extra than to be in need of something, and what you really are in need of is a 1/4in, 3/8in, and 1/2in ratchet set with its matching sockets, of course.

In case you can’t afford it at the moment, you can opt for the 3/8 ratchet and the basic metric sockets.

A Set of Screwdrivers

Truth be told, you’ll mostly be using a flat-headed one and the Phillips (the cross one). Still, one can never have too many, so buy yourself a few.

Basic Wrench Set

No mechanic can call himself that unless they possess the metric wrench set at least. Later on, you could consider buying a set or ratchet wrenches but keep the metric one, too.

Ratchet Extender

There will always be some unreachable place, so make your life easier by buying a ratchet extender. It will save both your nerves and your time when it comes to 1/4-in. and 3/8-in.-drive sockets.

Impact Gun

One of the best tools ever. It’s incredible how such a simple tool can save up a lot of time. Naturally, go for the cordless impact gun for maximum reachability.


A big one and a smaller one. The bigger one could be a dead-blow hammer or a rubber mallet. From time to time there is something which needs a little punch, so you had better have these.

Floor Jack

Let’s go down under. There are several things to bear in mind when purchasing an ideal floor jack for you. First of all, check if it is made for low profile vehicles. Then, always ask about its weight rating. Finally, see about its height range. Always check these facts prior to your purchase.

While buying a floor jack, it would be a good idea to get some jack stands, too. Once again, check their weight capacity, as well as the height range so you can work safely and comfortably.

Safety Glasses

Instead of squinting and risking debris and liquid getting into your eyes, simply buy yourself a pair of safety glasses and the problem is solved.

Led Light

When you’re repairing something under your car, light is always an issue. Remember to buy a cordless work light with a swivel head. It can be easily attached with magnets and you can use it wherever you want.

Proper Pliers

Pliers abound, so it’s really tough to choose the most important ones. Usually, you will need the normal, cutter and long-nosed pliers for starters. Out-of-sight pliers are also handy because you won’t be tilting your head to see what you’re doing.

Right Circuit Tester

To check everything safely, you need a digital, computer-safe cordless circuit tester. Simply by touching a cord, you will see if there is any electricity in it (but don’t forget to seal the puncture afterward). Avoid using analog circuit testers as these can harm the car’s computer.

So, these would be the absolute essentials when it comes to equipping your garage. Also, remember that you should always keep them within easy reach, i.e. your tools should have their own special place if you are to be efficient. It’s a bit annoying to know you’ve got it all, but you have no idea where that ratchet ended up the last time you looked under the hood.

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Essential Tools for the Home Mechanic
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