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Common Mistakes People Make at the Car Dealership

These ten common mistakes people make at the car dealership will have you reconsidering the best way to buy a car.

From neglecting to test drive the car, to having expectations that are ultimately too high, these mistakes are very common for those who are new the car buying process. However, they are easily fixed, and purchasing a car shouldn't be as intimidating as it seems. 

These ten common mistakes people make at the car dealership will have you reconsidering the best way to buy a car. And by eliminating these mistakes, you'll be able to perfect your process, and get the best car for your needs and your price range. 

Not Doing Your Research

First on our list of the top mistakes people make at the car dealership is neglecting to do your research beforehand. This is the most common mistake among the list, and doesn't require much effort to correct.

The research phase of your car buying process is very important to creating a quality purchase. And thanks to the internet, this is made easy. There are plenty of reliable sites that will provide models, car makes, reviews, pricing, and even negotiating techniques. 

Having High Expectations

Setting your expectations too high is a mistake that is common in many experiences, buying a car being one. As next on our list of the top mistakes people make at the car dealership, expectations can be easily heightened before even setting foot in a car dealership. 

Plus, this can lead you to never settling on a car, because there are so many options to choose from, especially online. Though it is important to have boundaries, and necessities, having the perfect vehicle in your mind, but for an unimaginably low price, will only fail you, no matter how charismatic you may be. 

Simply do your homework, and be aware of the reality of the costing of a car, in order to avoid paying too much, and you'll be golden. 

Underestimating the Cost

Much like our previous mistake, underestimating the cost of a vehicle is unfortunately too common. Cars' high price tags might seem negotiable, but this is only to a point. 

If you can talk yourself down to a price that is shocking, there might be a catch, especially if it is a used car, and not being sold from a legitimate dealership. 

Buying Something You Don't Need

As another one of the most frequent mistakes people make at the car dealership, buying something that doesn't fit your needs is something that is all too common. This also goes for having too many boxes to check off like a sunroof or heated seats. 

Next thing you know, you have a luxury vehicle sitting in your driveway with accessories that you'll use maybe a handful of times, for a much higher price than you expected to spend. 

Neglecting to Get a Mechanical Inspection

It is very important to get a mechanical inspection for your vehicle, even if they tell you it's almost never been driven before. This is just to be sure that everything is working correctly, like the air conditioning, the seats, speedometer, the list goes on. 

Though the process of buying a car is never short, don't rush yourself out of the dealership. Instead, set aside a day to tackle this task, and be sure that it is done in the best way possible. 

You're spending a large amount of money, and it should be taken seriously, even if it might seem like a hassle at the time. It could ultimately save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

Ignoring Financing Terms

Financing the car is just as important as negotiating the price. As one of the top mistakes people make at the car dealership, ignoring the financing terms is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to hurting your wallet. 

You don't want to ignore the 11 percent interest rate out of the gate. And in order to save money, this will require a bit of research on the terms that you will be satisfied with, before you get the paper in your hands. 

Forgetting to Run a Vehicle History Report

Running a vehicle history report, like Carfax, is also an important step in purchasing a used car. Unless you're buying a perfectly new car, running a report on a vehicle you're considering will allow you to narrow down your choices and avoid costly repairs in the future. 

The seller might be trying to hide an accident, but they must always report damages as well as any anything that will result in potential issues. 

Plus, this will also show up if you plan on selling the vehicle yourself, and it will be apparent to any future customers of your vehicle. 

Shopping at One Dealership

You never want to shop at just one dealership, for many reasons. As one of the top mistakes people make at the car dealership, finding a great deal requires time and energy. This would include checking different dealerships, and it is suggested to look at at least three. 

You can always check online to see dealership vehicle inventory before you get there, and ask for prices through a quote-require system. To get the best price, you've got to compare deals. 

Only Considering Monthly Payments

If you take the route of only considering monthly payments, this avoids the fact of the total price of the car, which isn't typically a route you want to take. 

Many buyers will go into the car dealership solely with a monthly payment number in mind, but this typically means that they haven't done their research completely. 

Forgetting to Do a Test-Drive

Last on our list of the most common mistakes people make at the car dealership is that they fail to do a test-drive, and a thorough one. Though it would cut back on time, this simply doesn't make sense. 

Wouldn't you want to be sure that everything is running correctly, feels good, and is what you want, before purchasing a vehicle that you will hopefully drive for years? Make sure to take a drive that truly tests the car, rather than just going down some local roads, and taking a few turns. 

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Common Mistakes People Make at the Car Dealership
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