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Best Subwoofer Amplifiers for Your Car in 2018

If you love music with high quality sounds and car-jostling rhythms, you'll first need to install these subwoofer amplifiers for your car.

The following subwoofer amplifiers for your car ensure the difference can be heard from all angles and in all ways imaginable. You might be asking yourself, do I need an amplifier for my car? Of course you don't need an amplifier. It's an investment that boosts the emission and quality of sound the stereo can produce in your car interior and is one of the best accessories to modernize your old car. Despite misconceptions, subwoofer amplifiers aren't meant solely to make music obnoxiously loud. They, in fact, offer a range of different features, general upgrades, and simply higher quality audio better than any other aftermarket enhancements. 

Every amplifier is different and you should know the type that fits into your car, as well as the level of power you want your stereo t produce. The first major distinction all aftermarket newbies should know is the differences between 2-channel, 3-channel and 4-channel amplifiers, which merely denote the output power and system setup. A 4-channel amp allows for a channel per speaker, giving your interior front-to-rear fade control, while 2-channel amplifiers are strictly for a single set of speakers. The 3-channel is often what you'll be looking at, as they're the best option for single speakers and a subwoofer. 

R500X1D Amplifier by Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate is known for some of the most inexpensive yet higher quality subwoofer amplifiers on the market, so it's no wonder their R500X1D is a must have. The 500 watts rating may not be enough power for everyone, but it sure does beat stock, that's for sure. 

At around only $120, these compact Class-D subwoofer amplifiers for your car are for more low-output upgrades. You won't be vibrating the entire block when driving around the street with the R500X1D's blaring out your window. 

KAC-M3001 Amplifier by Kenwood

In the past, Kenwood has been known in the aftermarkets business as a bargain brand for any number of vehicular equipment types. Now, though, they've seemingly amassed a certain dominance in speaker and amplifier production, now even paving the way for the industry with the likes of KAC-M3001. 

Max power in Kenwood's product is 600 watts, which is again a bit low of you're looking to really shake things up. With soft start turn on, modulated MOSFET power supply, and LED indicators for power (green) and protect (red), it's clear these subwoofer amplifiers for your car have the most necessary features for standard sounds systems. Plus they can blast the greatest grime songs to ever pump out of your speakers.

PDR-M65 Subwoofer Amplifier by Alpine

Many subwoofer amplifiers for your car lack the technological features capable of recording information and simply learning on its own, but the PDR-M65  has it all and more. For an amplifier, Alpine's product is the most expensive by far and has been deemed one of the most essential aftermarket class-D amplifier.  

Initially generated in the PDX models, Global Modulation and its Adaptive Feedback Control features were integrated into the PDR. These tech upgrades allow the stereo to generate little to no distortion whatsoever, making competitors fall flatly by the wayside. The device even looks futuristic! 

CXA1800.1 Amplifier by Kicker

Though it may require Kicker's KSL, the CXA1800.1 is probably the most power you'll get in terms of able subwoofer amplifiers for you care. Kicker's addition has a 3 way protection circuitry with a mono channel operation. At a sweet 3600 watts, the CXA1800.1 makes high level outputs sound like breeze. 

The product also includes dual speaker terminals that simplify the initial hookup of the system. Kicker is another well-known name in the car audio business, one that has made car speakers sound like movie theaters for years. Such advancements in the CXA amplifiers include better frequency responses, signal to noise rotation features, and a fixed subsonic filter. 

RT500D Amplifier by MTX

While every aftermarkets aficionado might be raving over the XThunder 1500.1, MTX has a plentitude of subwoofer amplifiers for your car that are far cheaper than the ladder. At a whopping $600, their XThunder is a beast at 1500 watts of power, but the RT500D is all you'll need to craft the most efficient stereo sounds. 

The RT500D features an automated on switch, class D optimal efficiency technology, and a dual sided fiberglass printed circuit board. Most people tend to forget that the mounting depth of any amplifier is a key component to the upgrade, as MTX's product is designed with convection cooling and surface mounting for reduced vibration sensitivity. 

AR1500M Amplifier by Boss Armor

Cheapest among subwoofer amplifiers for your car is the Boss Armor addition with 1500 watts of power no more than $50! That's a steal if you ask me, especially when you take into account the high praise they've been getting with this highly inexpensive aftermarket upgrade. 

Powerful subwoofer car speakers don't come cheap, so I'd suggest you act fast before all the AR1500Ms are gone. On top of the jaw dropping price tag, this amplifier also comes equipped with a remote subwoofer control, variable bass boost, and variable low pass crossover, ensuring the highest quality in sound and pitch are released through the system. 

JX400/4D by JL Audio

JL Audio might not be the first name to cross anyone's mind when thinking about aftermarket automative stereo upgrades. The 500 watt unit, their JX500/1D, is proof that the company is making headway into the various markets of auditory tech, but I'd like to point out the JX400/4D for its long list of extras many tend to overlook. 

Their 4-channel subwoofer amplifiers for your car come with a 3-way protection circuitry, multi-level sensitivity inputs, and a myriad of other sweet tech you won't want to miss. It's sure to give your standard car stereo that much needed boost in quality and efficiency without overspending on too much power output in the process. Go ahead, blast those good songs from awful bands!

HCCA5000.1D Amplifier by Orion

Orion is one of the very best and most trusted names in subwoofer amplifiers, best represented in the extremely popular XTR3700.1D. However, while it's priced over $700, their Competition Series subwoofer amplifiers for your car have the most enhancing qualities yet to be heard. 

This is a company that has spelled the future in upgraded auditory technology for vehicles. The HCCA5000.1D has delivered the most impeccable sounds with superior high and low resolution frequencies, signal noise ratio enhancement, and a frequency response feature that keeps the system sounding on par with music industry studios. 

BRX2000.1D Amplifier by Hifonics

Similar to JL Audio, Hifonics isn't the most sought after or mentioned amplifier producer on the market, but that shouldn't stop you from buying their BRX2000.1D. When it comes to crafting the best product at the most inexpensive costs, Hifonics is a standalone name in the industry. 

Their BRX2000.1D proves the technology behind Hifonics is just as good—if not even better than the competition. The relatively unheard of brand is what hampers their genius in the design and production of subwoofer amplifiers for your car. For only around $350, you're getting 2000 watts of power in a super D class amplifier that's remote bass knob operated and has a mono channel configuration. 

GX-A3001 Subwoofer Amplifier by JBL

This is among subwoofer amplifiers for your car that is both mobile and easily stowed one's pocket. Coming in 1, 2 and 4-channel amplifier levels, JBL's GX-A3001 is the most stylish and innovative auditory tech on the market. 

This one of kind amplifier has all of the necessary components you might need. JBL has been in the audio business for years, so it goes without question that their subwoofer amplifiers would be at the top of the list. It's cast-aluminum heat sink designs, built-in electronic crossover networks, and an updated frequency response system makes these amplifiers a necessity. 

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Best Subwoofer Amplifiers for Your Car in 2018
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