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Best Radar Detectors to Help You Dodge a Ticket

Despite the fact that you shouldn't be speeding in the first place, here are a few of the best radar detectors for skirting that detested speeding ticket.

They cost a fortune, add points to your driving record, significantly raise your insurance, and garner you with a bad reputation whenever you find yourself behind the wheel of a car: speeding tickets. They must be the bane of all automotive infractions, and can become an absolute burden if not immediately taken care of, or if you don't know how to handle a car accident properly. Though they may not have the most sophisticated or complex diagnostics in gadgetry, radar systems have grown in popularity over the past few years. 

These aren't cheap car mods that make your car look fly, these are the best radar detectors to help you dodge a ticket. Newer and more intriguing concepts in radar systems have recently emerged. When it comes to the best radar and laser detectors, you need to understand the various add-on components and features, like speeding alerts, digital signal processing, and source of power for the particular device. Even the police laser is highly sophisticated and adaptable in a variety of ways, so you can see it's not all about the brand name or the overall product; a lot of effort and time goes into making the most reliable devices, so if you're tired of consistently being pulled over at speed traps, try some of the following best radar detectors. 

Max 360 Radar System by Escort

Escort's Max detector line is known by many as the best all-around systems for radar detection, and with their 360 Max they added directional indication, digital signal processing, cruise alert and Bluetooth connectivity to the fold. 

Kings of the radar gadgetry sector, Escort has been around for some time making the best radar detectors. The Max 360 also comes equipped with Escort's Defender Database, a list of known red lights and speed camera locations that make the Max 360 significantly superior than its counterparts. 

ESD7570 Radar/Laser Detector by Cobra

Cobra is another household name when it comes to radar and laser detection. Their most valued and talked about product is often considered the ESD7570, which has 360 degree detection and nine-band performance. 

In addition to the actual sensor, customers will also receive a free car mat, suction-cup mount, and a one year warranty for the device, making it one of the best radar detectors with an unbeatable bundle. Drivers looking for the best radar detectors tend to find Cobra one of the leading brands in quality and reliability. Their ESD7570 is only proof enough of this fact. 

Radar Detector by Valentine One

One of the most intriguing and eccentric among the best radar detectors is the Valentine One, which features some remarkable inner components. In addition to 360 degrees of laser protection, the Valentine One has rear radar antenna, directional indicators, and a variety of detection channels, from X and K, to Ka and Super Wideband Ka. 

It comes as no surprise that this gadget is one of the best radar detectors to help you dodge a ticket. While the brand may not be as known as the others on this list, don't let that deter you from grabbing a truly remarkable radar detector. 

PASSPORT S55 Radar/Laser Detector by Escort

The PASSPORT S55 by Escort is a remarkably advanced rearview mirror radar detection that offers high performance laser gun protection, long-range warning K and Ka-band radar, plus complete compatibility with Escort Live. 

Unlike its rivals, and making it one of the best radar detectors in the business, Escort's PASSPORT S55 has an exclusive auto-sensitivity that rids you of annoying chimes and constant useless alerts from randomly picked-up bands. It's one of the most sophisticated and up to date gadgets in radar detection currently available, which can even help deter you from practicing bad habits that damage your car by way of his intelligent alert system and Escort Live compatibility. 

R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector by Uniden

Though they might not be as known as Cobra or Escort, Uniden’s R3 Extreme Long Range easily steals the show among the best radar detectors. Some of its many features include a GPS with red light camera alerts, a user-set mute mode, a dual K and Ka false filter, in addition to a sophisticated 360 degree digital signal processor.

The R3 is guaranteed to last with its Spectre Elite undetectable false filters, and makes for one of the most silent rides among leading competitive detection systems.

iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector by Escort

In addition to a number of improvements on the internal technology of the device, Escort also upgraded their laser detector for a longer range in their iX. It has enhanced capabilities from the start, including early warning and fast response on all radar bands, on top of superior sensitivity and off-axis coverage. 

It's not only one of the best radar detectors for sale right now, it's one of the most promising when it comes to processing, range, and overall performance. There's also an intriguing anti-falsing design, which uses GPS signals to help reject fixed position false alarms. This product by Escort is one of the most state of the art, all-encompassing detection systems and should not be ignored. 

Radar Detector and Alarm System by Meter.llc

Probably one of the least known among the best radar detectors the market currently has to offer, Meter.llc’s gadget has practically everything you could ask for in a detection system without the extreme cost of the normal brands.

At an easy $32, you can get the radar detection system that has a city and highway mode, voice alert capabilities, GPS navigation for precision positioning, and a range of up to 1000 meters. It's among the undervalued in terms of quality radars at an affordable price, so don't ignore Meter.llc and their highly sophisticated detection system. 

Passport 9500IX Radar Detector by Escort

As one of the most trusted and highly advanced self-sufficient radar systems, the Passport 9500X has autopower and autolearn, giving it an almost sentient feel.

Escort’s product also has a wide variety of features, like SpeedAlert, web-ready access, ExpertMeter and SpecDisplay. It easily makes for one of the best radar detectors, if not the most advanced by far on this list. It can also track your whereabouts with MarkLocation so you’ll never get lost even when dodging tickets.

ESD 777 12-Band Radar Detector by Cobra

Reinvigorated with some of the coolest tech upgrades, like an ultra-bright data display and variant modes for the highway and city, Cobra’s ESD 777 utilizes the most necessary components for laser radar detection.

The unit comes with safety alerts, which warn the driver of emergency vehicles nearby, 360 degree laser protection, and detection of all radar and laser types, period, making it one of the best radar detectors around.

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Best Radar Detectors to Help You Dodge a Ticket
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