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Best Portable Lithium Ion Jump Starters

Portable lithium ion jump starters are the new, better way to make sure you don't end up stranded somewhere strange.

It wasn't too long ago that I had been driving down the highway when I knew that my car's battery was starting to go. I thought, pretty foolishly, that I wouldn't be one of those people who would need a jump in the middle of the highway. 

That night, I stopped for gas... and then my car stopped working. Embarrassed as I was, I had to ask people for a jump—and jumper cables. It was mortifying.

These days, this shouldn't happen. Ever. Portable lithium ion jump starters allow you to get going sooner than ever before, and they're relatively easy to find, being one of the must have items for any roadside emergency.

Here are some jump starters that come complete with jumper cables and power banks for every budget. Getting one of these easy-to-carry kits will help you avoid the car problems that I got. 

Jumpstarter 22S by Weego

I never thought I'd say this about any real mechanical car products, but this is one of the most adorable portable lithium ion jump starters I've ever seen. This ion jump starter allows you to start up 5L gas engines and 2.5L diesel engines—and smaller ones, too.

Its scissor-style clamps are easy enough for delicate hands to use, and the overall layout is made to be usable by novice mechanics. Around 1700 peak amps and 300 true cranking amps means that it'll jolt your car back to life in no time. 

The adorable carrying case also is a nice perk. Just saying. 

PBJS12000R 400 Amp 12,000 mAh Portable Lithium Emergency Car Jump Starter, Power Bank and LED Flashlight by PowerAll

This isn't as cute as the WeeGo, but it'd be a boldfaced lie to say that it's not one of the better lithium ion jump starters on the market. That being said, it's not just a jump starter. It's basically an emergency mechanic kit in one. It comes with a power bank, a jump starter, a charging cable, as well as an LED flashlight so that you can jump your car in the dark. 

Small enough to fit in your pocket, but beefy enough to kick start a V8 engine, this is a great tool for anyone who has long-distance drives they need to go on every once in a while. It honestly makes a great gift for car lovers too. 

Compact Lithium Jump Starter + Smart Phone Charger by DieHard

If you thought portable lithium ion jump starters were already pretty useful, wait until you see what DieHard has created. This isn't just a typical car starter; the portable power bank can also be used to power up your cell phone!

This kit comes with jumper cables and a specialized micro USB cable for your phone, too. 400 peak amps and an 8000 mAh power bank means that you can expect this dynamic duo jump starter and power bank to start a 6-cylinder engine up to 20 times without fail. That's a lotta juice, and a lot of use-ability!

Jump Starter 44 by WeeGo

WeeGo kills it again, this time with one of the beefier lithium ion jump starters on the market. The Jump Starter 44 offers a whopping 2100 amps and 400 cranking amps in every jolt, making it a good jump starter for bigger engines or seriously drained trucks. 

If you have a bulky, high performance car, you'll need to get the WeeGo 44. This is a great jump starter for gas engines that carry up to 7 liters of oil, and 3.5 liter diesel engines. All the best muscle cars on the market could get a jump from this—as well as the best diesel cars, smaller boats, and a number of ATVs, too. 

It also still has the carrying case that helps it look cute. We approve. 

SL161 Lithium Ion Multi-function Jump Starter and Mobile Power by Schumacher

Portable lithium ion jump starters can definitely serve multiple purposes, and if you have a smaller commuter car, Schumacher makes one of the most cost-effective models out there. 

Much like the DieHard Compact aboe, the Schumacher works as both a cell phone power bank and a car jump starter. When you're not using the micro USB cable or lightning charging cable to power your phone or add juice to the power bank, you can use the jumper cables to kick start your car. It really is one of the convenient gadgets to keep in your car

This kit is ideal for 4-cylinder cars and more modest 6-cylinder cars. 

U28 2000A Peak Jump Starter Pack by Suaoki

Most portable lithium ion jump starters are designed to work with I4, V6, or in some rare cases, modest V8 engines. Suaoki's U28 is as close to a universal portable jump starter as it can get—and that's not all it does, either. 

This petite kit is offers 2000 peak amps, and can power up ANY car that's fueled by gas, as well as 8.0-liter diesel engines. This comes with an LED flashlight, USB cell phone power bank capabilities, and easy grip jumper clips. 

T10 400A Peak 12000 mAh Car Jump Starter Power pack and Dual USB Power Bank with LED Flashligh by Suaoki

If you love the functionality of the Suaoki U28, but really can't afford to shell out over $150 to get it, then you might want to check out their slightly more modest (but still epic) T10 model. Like the U28, this comes with a micro USB cable, a power bank that can juice up your phone, and a flash light. 

The Suaoki T10 has 400 peak amps, which makes it ideal for 4 and 6-cylinder cars and trucks. It also works well with motorcycles and small boats, too!

BT-D11 800A Peak 18000mAh 12V Portable Car Jump Starter by BeatIt

If you're looking for just a little bit of extra juice but love the idea of portable lithium ion jump starters that can keep their power for a long, long time, this is a great option. The BT-D11 has a nice power bank equipped with dual USB ports and enough juice to power up your phone about 10 times without issue. 

It can work with ultra-high performance cars with gas engines up to 7.0 liters in size, or with 5.5-liter diesel engines. All this power comes in a package small enough to fit in a glove box. 

RG1000 Safety 1000A Portable Car Jump Starter by Rugged Geek

The RG1000 is one of the most versatile and incredibly well-built portable lithium ion jump starters on the market. This is because it goes far above and beyond typical jump starters in terms of both durability and the kinds of items you can jump start. 

Along with jump-starting a dead battery on a car, this kit also will power your cellphone and laptop. A 3-in-1 cable allows you to get USB C, regular micro USB, and lightning charging on. With a max 1000 amp peak, you can expect to have a lot of juice. 

SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter by Brightech

The Brightech Scorpion currently is one of the most popular portable lithium ion jump starters on the market. Why? Well, it's a handheld box that's equipped with smart technology that ensures that your car gets the perfect amount of juice in every jump. 

Like the Rugged Geek charger, it also can provide power to your laptop, iPad, or any other tech item you have. Multiple USB ports and excellent power storage tech is what will make this an item you'll want to carry with you every single day. 

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