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Best Car Interior Cleaning Products

Spilled some milkshake on your upholstery? These car interior cleaning products will help you get rid of that stain, fast.

Cars are wonderful inventions that also happen to be grit, grime, and dirt magnets. Most people take pride in having their cars detailed and keeping a shiny exterior. That is, after all, why so many people like to stock up on the best car detailing products during the spring and summer months.

All things considered, cleaning your car is a good idea. It's one of the things you can do to make your car last longer, and also can be a good way to make yourself look better on date night. This is doubly true about your car's exterior.   

However, the interior doesn't always get that much love. More often than not, we forget how much grime we can track in on our shoes or underestimate how many crumbs a single drive-in fast food session can cause. That's why a lot of the most commonly missed places to clean your car are inside near the driver's seat. 

If you made a spill or just want to get rid of bad smells in your car, investing in these car interior cleaning products will be a life decision you won't regret.

Mirror Glaze® Professional Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner by Meguiar's

Cited as one of the best car interior cleaning products on the market by Performance Motorcare, Meguiar's vinyl and rubber cleanser is a perfect way to get your dashboard and vinyl interior parts looking stellar. 

According to Performance Motorcare, what makes this such a great product is the way that it gives a variety of different effects based on how long it's left on the piece. A quick spritz and wipe leaves it looking glossy, while a more matte finish can be accomplished while waiting for a minute or two. 

Leather Conditioner by Gliptone

Leather can look wonderful in your car, but let's be real—it's hard to maintain. Gliptone's Leather Conditioner is designed to make your leather feel buttery, clean, and supple as the day you bought your car. It's also pretty decent at washing it. 

Unsurprisingly, this brand also was hailed by Performance Motorcare for its excellent car interior cleaning products. If you have a car with leather seats, this is a must-have. 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner by Meguiar's

Meguiar's remains one of the better brands when it comes to car interior cleaning products—and it's pretty obvious why this is the case, too. Their Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a foam mousse that lifts out the dirt, grit, and stains faster than ever before. 

We're a fan of Meguiar's carpet product because it actually will lift stains out, and also because it's quick to dry. Like other products on this list, it's suitable for both large-scale cleaning and individual car owners due to its ease of use. 

Twin Pack Wipes by Armor All

Another major company that regularly is cited by professional detailing groups as one of the best is Armor All. Their car interior cleaning products might not get as much applause as their exterior cleaning products, but make no mistake about it—they're still epic. 

If you're looking for a quick way to spruce up your car's interior, grab this Twin Pack Wipes kit. The Cleaning Wipes (obviously) clean up your car's vinyl and windows beautifully. The Protectant wipes help you keep your car looking spotless. 

Best of all, both can also be used on your car's exterior, too. Versatility, thy name is Armor All. 

Ultimate Interior Detailer by Meguiar's

Meguiar's really seems to wipe away the competition, especially when it comes to products involving all the little odds and ends in your car. The Ultimate Car Interior Detailer they make is a sprayable cleaner that works to get rid of grit and leaves a nice satiny finish. 

Along with cleaning everything, the Ultimate Interior Detailer offers conditioning and UV protection. So, if you're worried about cracks and sun-related wear, this is your new best friend. 

Fabric Guard by 303

If you want sparkling clean floor mats for your car, then you're going to need car interior cleaning products that can make it happen. 303's Fabric Guard is one of the strongest in the industry, and it does so much more than just help your floor mats look shiny and new. 

This Fabric Guard is one of the better products for helping your car stay pristine after a thorough cleaning has been done. Everything from stain repelling to keeping the freshness locked in can be done with this stuff. 

Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner by Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff is one of those companies that deserves more love than it gets. Their deep cleaning multipurpose foam works great on seats, vinyl, and even can be taken out of the car to clean bathroom fixtures and appliances. It's as multipurpose as you can get. 

Unlike protectant-type sprays, this product works on actually lifting out stains and keeping the original color of your car's interior intact. Best of all, it smells great. 

Glass Cleaner by Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass isn't necessarily always seen as a car care product, but we'd be lying if we didn't say it works better than a lot of the car interior cleaning products out there. If you've been seeing spots on the interior side of your window, this will make sure that you will not see a single streak again. 

On a related note, this glass cleaner also tends to work well when it comes to preventing excessive fogging. If you live in a humid area, this might be your new go-to product. 

Super Odor Neutralizer Spray by Renuzit

This is another one of those all-purpose cleaning products that also doubles as one of the best car interior cleaning products on the market. Once you're done using your leather cleaner or carpet cleaner, and you've sprayed everything up, you might still have a lingering odor in your car. 

This Super Odor Neutralizer Spray from Renuzit is the perfect final touch on a tough job. One little spritz, and your car will smell like fresh lavender as soon as you open the door. 

Upholstery Cleaner by Turtle Wax

Last but not least, is a simple Upholstery Cleaner from Turtle Wax. This high-powered upholstery cleaner foams up fast, gets rid of pesky stains, and also works wonders on floors and lower car interiors. If you have any fabric at all you want to clean, this will work as one of the best car interior cleaning products money can buy. 

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