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Best Car Detailing Products to Buy

Because the car detailing products you choose can make a huge difference in the amount of elbow grease you need.

There's nothing quite as refreshing as getting into a car that's been freshly detailed by a professional crew. Perhaps it's that nice scent that comes with the detailing work, or just the fact that you don't end up seeing all the little crumbs from your last Taco Bell trip—whatever it is, it's great to have a professionally detailed car. 

I'd also like to point out that keeping your car detailed is one of those cheap updates that make your car look pricier, run better, and also just feel better to ride in. Yes, there are many benefits to professional car detailing. 

Though it's not easy to do, it is possible to get a professional-grade detailing job using the right car detailing products. From cool cleaning products to the best drying towels out there, here are my personal picks for any car enthusiast's auto detailing products wishlist.

Automotive Polish Superior by Green Clean

Just because a product is environmentally-friendly doesn't mean it can't be one of the best car detailing products on the market, and Green Clean's Car Polish proves that. 

This eco-friendly car care product is excellent for both hand and machine-based polishing, and also is known for being able to wipe away scratches, scuffs, and oxidation with a single swipe. If your car's been looking dingy, this is one of the most effective ways to bring its shine back. 

Waterless Car Wash Kit by Aero Cosmetics

This isn't necessarily one of the best car detailing products on the market, as much as it's one of the best car detailing kits. All the products in this kit are designed to limit the waste of water while improving your vehicle's cleanliness.

Just spray, then use the microfiber cloth to scrub away grime, and you're good to go. This stuff is so powerful, it's actually used to clean aircraft exteriors. That being said, it's ideal for a light wash and offers awesome car wax looks. 

Auto Advanced Headlight Restoration System by 3M

Few companies have as much clout in the world of car detailing products like 3M—and it's easy to see why. They make amazing products that we use every day, and their car care products are not too shabby, either. 

Part of a fully professional detailing job is headlight restoration. If your headlights aren't looking their best, this system will allow you to restore them back to their original level. 

Hot Shine Tire Coating by Meguiar's

Maguiar's Hot Shine Tire Coating has long been a favorite of the most successful NASCAR drivers, as well as people who love showing off their cars in style. Why? Because it makes your tires shine better than any other product on the market. 

A lot of times, it's the tires that give away that a car isn't very well maintained. If you can't save up for high-quality aftermarket wheels, spritzing tire shine on your tires will give your car a comparable boost of fresh looks. 

Auto Protectant Wipes by Armor All

Armor All is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to high-quality car detailing products. Unsurprisingly, their interior stuff is just as good as their exterior stuff—and that's part of the reason why they have such a loyal following. 

If you're looking to add new layers of protection to your interior and sweep up dust in the process, their Auto Protectant Wipes can't be beat. They protect your interior, refresh the plastic on your dash, and also smell great. 

Vac N' Blo 500 Vacuum by Metro

You can use all the car detailing products in the world, but it won't do much if you still have Dorito crumbs on the floor. That's where having a handy vacuum like the Metro Vac N' Blo 500 comes in. 

This nifty package has all the attachments you need in order to get into tight spaces, and also has the power to pick up even the stickiest of messes. Better still, this is one of the best car vacuums you can get that remains easy on your wallet, and easy to carry. 

TechCare Floorliner and Floormat Cleaner by WeatherTech

Flooring is pretty darned important when it comes to getting that professional clean feel, but it's surprising how few car detailing products actually are designed to help you clean your car floors. 

Thankfully, WeatherTech created a cool auto detailing product that protects your floor mats and floor liners beautifully. Just spritz this pink goodness onto your flooring, and you'll have a floor that's more resistant to everyday wear and tear. 

Leather Care Kit by Griot's Garage

If you're one of the lucky owners of a car that has luxury leather seating, then you already know that vacuuming alone will not do your car justice. In order to have that "just drove from the dealership" look and feel, you're going to need to invest in a good leather car care kit. 

Griot's Garage has a trio of car care products that are easy enough for casual drivers to use, work well with a standard microfiber cloth, and also smell great. So, you really have no excuse not to keep your leather seats supple. 

Deluxe Detailing Kit by Simoniz

Obviously, with all these car waxes, potions, oils, and shampoos, you're going to need some materials that are adept at buffing away scuffs, polishing away grime, and also just being delicate enough to handle the interior. 

Simoniz created a very nice kit of sponges, cloths, and handheld mops that work well with just about all the car detailing products on this list—and more. Needless to say, these babies will be way gentler on your car than a typical sponge or rag will be. 

Mini Red Foam Waxing Pads by Griot's Garage

If you want your car to sparkle and shine like it's ready to race among NASCAR professionals, then you're going to need to wax your car. While you could wax your car with a rag, it won't have that sparkle. A wax with a rag basically is a way of showing that you don't know how to wash your car properly.

That's why Griot's Garage's Waxing Pads a great buy—they work. 

Additionally, these tiny pads are great for reaching hard-to-scrub places and getting into all those nooks and crannies. No matter what car detailing products you're using, they'll be a huge help when it comes to adding shine without harming your paint. 

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