Parag Patel

Born in the United Kingdom. He was conceived on a pot plantation and hasn't left since.

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Cheap Car Mods That Make Your Car Look Fly
10 months ago
If there's one thing that grabs attention, makes you feel like royalty, and also just makes you look awesome on the road, it's an expensive vintage car that's fully tricked out with mods. Unfortunatel...
History of Drag Racing
10 months ago
Drag racing remains one of the most wide-spread racing subtypes in America. Like many long-standing institutions, it has existed for so long that many never question its origins. It is like the mounta...
Does Your Car Have A Community?
10 months ago
Cars have a very strange relationship with the people who drive them. People either adore them or are just ambivalent about them. The people who adore their cars really go crazy about them - often to ...
Best Car Racing Scenes
10 months ago
There are few things as good as a great car race. Countless films depict man and machine, unified as one, in a great competition against one or more people, all on the track or road or street, speedin...
10 Classic Cars Made Iconic By TV
10 months ago
Everyone loves a classic car - especially gearheads. Though it's common enough for mechanics and other car people to be able to tell apart a Ford Model-A from a Ford Model-T, most people can't recogni...