Kelly Jackson

I'm a baby senior and I am here to serve as a warning to all of you young people.  I tell stories about the craziness of life, and how easy it is to see things from an hysterically skewed point of view.  Stay with me here. You'll laugh!!

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What a Tool! (Pt. 2)
3 months ago
Your brand new car should arrive in a box. A giant red ribbon and bow around the vehicle are always nice, but why doesn’t a directional pamphlet accompany the car-in-the-box? Instructions come with every other thing that you buy in a box. I would like for the directions to be written in ENGLISH. I do not speak German, Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese, and directions are hard enough to follow in English! I’m not talking about directions on how to turn the radio to a new station or how to open ...
What a Tool! (Pt. 1)
3 months ago
I’m surprised that Ford didn’t just call the first car a mancar. Although most women are only vaguely enamored of cars, it’s true… there are some who actually know the workings of an automobile. They were taught by their fathers… case closed. I have always named each of my cars because I ascribe soulful qualities to inanimate objects. I have fostered Rocky, Virginia, Bullet, Herbert and Kukla. See, men think that this is just stupid even though some of them love their cars more than their childr...