Joseph D. N. Kendrick

10 Car Features You'll See in the Future
9 hours ago
2018 is an exciting time to be following the world of cars. Many new and experimental technologies are announced practically on a daily basis, and car companies are becoming increasingly close to many...
How to Purchase the Best Motor Oil for Your Car
3 days ago
Whether it's to take care of a brand new Lexus or to extend the life of your 1998 Toyota, good car maintenance is simply a fact of life. It's important not to overlook any aspect of car care, and that...
Must Have Truck or SUV Mud Flaps
11 days ago
Let's face it: mud flaps and splash guards aren't the most exciting car part to talk about. The fact remains, however, that they can be as important as your bumper or wiper blades—especially if you ha...