George Nekilan

Has a vegetable garden in his backyard, 5th son out of 8 and is a sucker for chick flicks.

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Best Car Spoilers You Can Buy in 2018
6 months ago
They're called car spoilers for a reason: because they're an exterior upgrade that has the capability to increase the speed of a vehicle, hence why they are placed on a majority of professional race c...
10 Useful Cleaning Hacks for Your Car
8 months ago
So many of us find it to be such a hassle to clean our cars. Since they get so dirty often, having to clean it every now and then is seriously draining. Not to mention that we have to spend money on c...
Best Fog Lights for Your Car
a year ago
Many of us hate driving in the fog. It's not just because it makes driving to your destination a slower process from the traffic and just being cautious, but it's very difficult to see depending on th...