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Vehicular Accidents I've Been In
17 days ago
A car accident can be a traumatic thing. I've experienced a number of vehicle accidents in my life. I have to say, as the years go by, the safety of the vehicles have gotten better. My reactions have ...
My Review of the TD MyAdvantage App
3 months ago
I’ve been using the TD MyAdvantage app for the past week and I learned a lot about my driving habits and general driving habits in my neighborhood. This app has opened my eyes to a lot of different as...
I Got to Drive an Audi R8 Spyder!
6 months ago
How could this even happen? I for one didn't think it was possible! The first car I ever owned was a '99 Mazda protégé. It was fun and zippy and I think it just had over 100 hp. I now own a 2010 KIA F...