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3 Reasons That Make People Lame Ride Share Riders

The Top Three Reasons as to Why People Can Be Lame When Ride Sharing

The trend in using Uber or Lyft in many cities across the nation has settled down, and it is the new norm to travel. Other ride share companies exist, but Uber and Lyft are the elite in this field of expertise.

While the two ride share companies have helped many people make some extra cash or make public transportation more convenient, many users of Uber and Lyft have become lame customers. Yes, many people do so many things to be lame riders and don’t realize that they are actually doing.

While many drivers have so many pet peeves when working ride share, the three listed in this article are the top of them all. Yes, these pet peeves are persistent throughout the ride share world, and customer of the profession really need to find out what they are.  

Wanting to Play Music Really Loud

Listening to music while in a car can be therapeutic or just fun. However, there are riders that demand their music be played and played loudly while riding in an Uber or Lyft. A lot of these customers want to jam out without any consideration for the drivers stereo equipment or the driver’s mood.

When drivers state that the music be played at respected levels, these customers get bent out of shape. It’s even worse when these riders are on a shared or pool drive, making other customers listen to the music loudly. Horrible!

Again, riders or customers of ride share that demand their music to be played loud makes them super lame. Yes, it is a super lame gesture. Keep that noise to a respected level out of respect of the driver’s stereo equipment.

Rolling Down the Windows While the AC Is On

There are many riders that want fresh air, and it is super awesome to want that. However, when there is AC going, it is nice to ask if the windows can go down. It is a waste of energy and freon when a driver gets the right temperature inside the car. Then, a customer comes into the car and rudely lowers the window.

Drivers put the child lock on the back windows, and customers can get a little nasty at times for not being able to roll the window down. If customers were to ask nicely, it would be a whole different situation. Since drivers are there to provide a service, rolling down the window to fit the customer’s preferred temperature is more than acceptable. It just that we need you to be nice about and ask when the AC is blasting!

Not Tipping

Yes, society is getting super cheap. For the most part, people are not tipping when riding Uber or Lyft. This also applies to food deliveries as well. These folks are super lame! If a person cannot fork out at least one dollar for a tip, that person is super cheap.

One dollar tips are enough nowadays. Seriously! Back in the days, taxi drivers would get tipped even when the service they provided was bad. The same concept applied to servers at restaurants. When the service was bad, people would tip poorly to show the worker that they did a bad job.

Nowadays, people do not even tip. It is not even a consideration! Remember, most ride share drivers provide a good service. When drivers are doing a bad job, they get deactivated. This is done through the rating system that ride share companies use. Still, with good service and all, customers fail to tip. Not even a measly dollar!

Don’t be lame, tip ‘ya cheap skate! At least one dollar! What has this world come to? 

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3 Reasons That Make People Lame Ride Share Riders
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