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14 Reasons a P.O.S. Car Is the Best Car

Your Mercedes has nothing on my Corsica.

I've owned several cars in my lifetime. And right now I have a really nice 4Runner, but I've got to tell you...my favorite car was a branded title 15-year-old car with 165,000+ miles on it that I bought for $2000. When I finally got rid of it, my cousin got it, and it used to just shut off while he drove on the freeway. This caused him to have to pop it into neutral, and restart the engine. Safe. But let me tell you, he also loved that car.

Now I love my 4Runner; I had been wanting one for years, but let me tell you, I miss that P.O.S. every single day. 

Here are a few reasons why a P.O.S. car is way better than a nice, shiny, new one.

1. Is that a new dent? Where? Which one? Probably, who knows? The best thing about P.O.S. cars is that you don’t really care if someone dings your door in the parking lot. There are probably 30 other dents just like it. Who can keep track? And why would you?

2. Check out all the money I’m saving by not washing it! I mean why bother washing it? The paint is already chipping away. Spending minimum $5 on a car wash is not going to make it look any better than it already does.

3. Makeup melted in the car/something spilled. Whoops! Eh, whatever. Your resale value is already so low; some extra flair to the car’s interior isn’t going to make that much of a dent in the selling price. If any. If you can even sell it…

4. Insurance, boy oh boy, do I save money on insurance. This isn’t a brand new car that the insurance company is going to have to cash out for if it’s crashed. This means you’re going to be able to get some really good coverage for really cheap, and you’re going to be saving a ton which can go towards other fun things, like saving up for a new better car, the movies, or burritos.

5. You probably own the damn thing. Chances are you don’t have a car payment. Which means you don’t have any debt (at least vehicle debt). Which is a fabulous feeling. Once again, your sucker friends are out there spending half their paychecks on their dumb new cars, and you’re living the high life, rolling in dough.

6. When you go past a certain speed on the freeway, everything shakes. Hello, free massage!

7. Your friends and family will be so embarrassed to be seen in your car, they’ll always offer to take theirs. This means you save money on gas and keep the miles off your already nearing 200,000 mark, meaning you can drive this baby even longer!

8. There’s an excellent chance you have a tape deck. Which, following with the 90s coming back, makes you pretty rad. Hipsters will salivate at your “vintage” accessories.

9. No one is ever going to think you’re high maintenance or stuck up. Sure, people might be embarrassed to be seen around your car, but they will respect you for not giving a shit about what others think of you.

10. If something breaks, you can afford it. New cars have problems too, and when you’re paying out the ass in car payments, insurance, gas, and other necessities, the last thing you want to do is have to make a repair to your new car. But when you’ve got some money in the bank because you KNOW your car was gonna need a repair eventually, you don’t even bat a lash at the idea of getting something fixed.

11. There are always broke high school kids who will buy your P.O.S. as their first car. There’s always a market for dirt cheap cars. Broke students (high school and college alike) are always in need of something to get them around, and no one ever accused a student of having too much money.

12. Everyone needs to own one once in their life. I waited until I was 25 to get my crappy car, and I recently traded it in for a nice new shiny car, and I have to say, I miss my P.O.S. every single day.

13. Character. Your crappy car has so much character. And who doesn’t want that? What do you want the same exact car that all of your neighbors have? Yeah, let’s see a few more Chevy Cruzes please, I don’t think I’ve seen the average 2000 of them this week.

14. If you can’t sell or trade it, you can sell it for parts. I have no idea how to do this, but I know that you can!

So if this hasn't convinced you to rethink your vehicle choices, I don't know what will. Rest in peace, my P.O.S.

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14 Reasons a P.O.S. Car Is the Best Car
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