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10 Least Reliable Car Brands, According to Mechanics

Before you buy your next car, ask your mechanic about the least reliable car brands.

When it comes to cars, no one knows better than your local mechanic. They spend every day working on cars, reading up on new car technology, and just living the gearhead lifestyle in ways most people never get to do.

So, it comes as no surprise that most mechanics have opinions when it comes to the least reliable car brands out there. They often find them to be thorns in their sides, and typically end up swearing about them in the shop.

Did you ever wonder what brands mechanics hate? Here's the scoop on which brands end up being "repeat customers" at mechanics shops, according to crewmen on Reddit.


Considering the disaster area that was the Chrysler Sebring, it's not surprising to see this name among the least reliable car brands. Mechanics seem to see this brand in the shop all the time, with the most common complaints being electrical issues and transmission failure.

Chrysler created two of the least reliable cars people should never buy: the PT Cruiser and the Seabring. Overall, Chrysler has become pretty well-known for being one of the least reliable car brands out there. Such a shame, considering how pretty they are.

"Even worse is their PT Cruiser, electrical problems galore, control arm bushings go bad, bad design of the engine mounting so the car vibrates constantly even after replacing all the mounts, shifter cables stick so can't pull it out of gear."—wifiguy30


You would think that Saab would be known for reliability considering that the company started off by making airplanes, but no. Saab apparently has a lot of problems dealing with its engine and electrical systems.

According to owners, they're also pretty expensive to fix. Luxury does that to a car.

"Saab, I work in a Saab dealership."—asdfghjkllkjhgfdsasf

Land Rover

Land Rover is a luxury vehicle company that has got everyone talking. It's also known for being very tech-forward, and for having an amazing amenities in each massive vehicle they make.

Unfortunately, Land Rover is also known as one of the least reliable car brands among mechanics. Electrical failures and other similar problems plague these cars.

"Never buy a Land Rover unless you like to burn money."—ninjaplease26


You might want to grab life by the horns, but by no means should you do it with a Dodge! This car company has a foul reputation among both drivers and mechanics alike.

Suspension, steering, engine issues, oil leaks, and even tire problems are regularly reported. They might have made some of the best muscle cars of the 70s, but today, they're one of the least reliable car brands on the market.

Moreover, mechanics and car professionals alike are pretty salty about Dodge's bad business practices, as you can see below...

"Dodge. Bad suspension, notoriously bad trannies, interior pieces break under normal use, they're heavy as sin. And going back in time the company sued Ford for daring to pay his employees enough to be able to afford the cars they were making.

Fuck Dodge."—stumpdawg


Though Jeeps were once the most reliable car brands you could find on the road, the quality has devolved greatly in the past two decades. The fact is that Jeeps are known for engine failure at an early, early point in their lifespans.

In recent years, Jeep ended up with a major scandal after a father from Australia decided to buy a brand new Jeep. When the Jeep died a month later, the company refused to uphold its warranty. He made this music video as an act of revenge, and it went viral.

"Jeep. Terrible transmissions, terrible engine, terrible ride quality. There are probably millions of wrangler fanatics out there but the one thing they all have in common is thousands of dollars worth of major modifications so they can go out and get stuck in the mud. The new models have drifted too far from their roots and the functionality is gone. Couple all that with the ridiculous price tag and Jeep gets my vote for the worst."—anon


Fiats are already known for being fairly unreliable as far as car consumers go, and it's pretty clear that a lot of car mechanics aren't too fond of them, either.

Though they might be cheap, it's clear you get what you pay for. These relatively new cars are often mocked as being short for "Fix It Again, Tony." Maybe there's a reason why they're so cheap?

"I would have to say a Fiat 500. Pretty much toasters with wheels."—MattHicks420


It's no surprise that Ford is known as one of the least reliable car brands right now, since American cars have generally started to get worse with quality ratings across the board.

The big issue with Fords tends to be the transmission, brakes, and engine. Many cars that have come out from this umbrella start getting problems fairly soon after they roll off dealership lots, with many going to mechanics within the first year of driving.

"Ford contour. 01-05 Ford Focus. 13-16 Ford Focus, Fiesta, Escape. Any Ford vehicle with a CCT transmission, any Ford truck from 04-08 with a 3V 5.4L, any 6.0 or 6.4 diesel. I have literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars on these vehicles."—Grandmastrgusto


Though they may look adorable and tend to be impressively fun to drive, you might want to veer away from MINI Coopers. These cute cars are notoriously hard to repair and also have a tendency to break sooner rather than later.

Alternator problems and engine failures are common with these cars. So, if you get one, make sure you know a good tow truck company.

"Not a mechanic but I know a couple mechanics that say never buy a MINI. Also, I know a tow truck driver that says MINIs are the #1 make he ends up towing."—lickingblankets


The choice car brand of rappers seems to have more problems than other luxury vehicles. BMWs tend to be pretty faulty when it comes to alternators and shocks, if you listen to mechanics' stories.

The bigger issue isn't actually the reliability, but the price to service Beemers. The price of parts is extremely high, and the designs tend to be very labor-intensive.

"I'm not a mechanic, but my husband is. He refuses to let anyone in the family have a BMW, or a newer Mercedes."—anon


Jaguars might be beautiful, but they're a lot like the teenage girls who were featured on MTV's My Super Sweet 16. They are ridiculously high-maintenance and every little service performed on a Jaguar will end up hitting you in the wallet hard.

Oh, and if their engines have a tantrum and break down, you might as well buy a new car. As far as luxury cars go, they're one of the least reliable car brands out there.

"Jaguar gave me the most trouble out of the bunch and parts were impossible to find."—negautrunks
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10 Least Reliable Car Brands, According to Mechanics
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