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10 Cars That Are Allegedly Haunted

Plenty of ghost stories exist about houses, but these tales about cars that are allegedly haunted show that homes aren't the only places where paranormal activity happens.

Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle can tell you that there's a strange kind of attachment that can form between a driver and his car. When you're out on the road a lot, your car becomes an extension of you.

If you are a serious gearhead, the love you have for your car is something that can extend beyond anything anyone would expect. Considering how much people can love their cars, it's not surprising that there are tales circling the net about cars that are allegedly haunted.

Want to hear about owners who refuse to leave their cars, even beyond the grave? Check out these twisted tales of haunted cars that will send chills up your spine.

The Golden Eagle

Most cars that are allegedly haunted are harmless, albeit a bit creepy. Some cars, on the other hand. come with curses attached to them—or at least, very spooky experiences. Can a car be so haunted that it kills people? If so, count the Golden Eagle (sometimes spelled GoldenEagle) as one of the most haunted cars in the world.

The Golden Eagle is a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition that at first, appears fairly normal. This car was once a police car, but ended up in the hands of an elderly man after it was decommissioned by the force.

Its decommissioning was not your usual "aging out of the system" bid, either. All three police officers who drove the Golden Eagle died after killing their families in murder-suicides.

After the elderly owner died, the car then became the property of Wendy Allen. Allen herself noted that the car started to fling its doors open as it'd drive down the highway, and that she often felt watched while in the car's presence.

Nearby church groups attempted to vandalize the cursed car, but things went awry. Every leader who encouraged the vandalism died a grisly death on the road. Two were struck by lightning. Several deaths of children were also blamed on the car.

Eventually, religious people assumed the car to be haunted by a demon, took the car apart, and hid the pieces. Wendy Allen had to turn to the internet to find most of them, but still, the car was rendered unusable. That may be for the best!

JFK's Limo

It's no secret that John F. Kennedy's assassination shook America to the core. Considering how grisly the assassination was, it makes sense that the limo involved in the president's death would rank high among cars that are allegedly haunted. 

This limousine was burned into the collective of America's psyche after JFK's assassination, but those who had closer contact with it after his death claim Kennedy still haunts it. The car stayed in service several years after the shooting, and eventually found its way to a museum in Dearborn, Michigan (which isn't even the creepiest haunted hot spot to visit in Michigan).

Museum staff members are very leery of the car, and it's understandable why. People have reported seeing a transparent man in a grey suit standing by the car close to the anniversary of JFK's death, and claim that it's one of the most haunted cars of the 20th century.

The Little Bastard

James Dean was one of the hottest rising stars of Hollywood, and remains a legend for his work in Rebel Without a Cause. An avid race car aficionado, his pride and joy was a beautiful Porsche 550 Spyder that he called the "Little Bastard."

Incidentally, it was also the car that he died in—after losing control of the car, flipping over, and sustaining terrible injuries. One could say that the Little Bastard earned his name that day, while others would say it's just a car that kills.

You could potentially chalk it up to a young star acting unruly, but there were serious vibes about the car. What's really unsettling about his death was that several actors, including Star Wars actor Alec Guinness, warned Dean not to enter the car, saying he would be "dead within a week."

The haunted car allegedly took several other peoples' lives after it started to trade hands. Then, just as quickly as the Little Bastard made the news, it vanished, never to be seen again.

Franz Ferdinand's Limo

Franz Ferdinand wasn't just a band of singing hipsters in the 2000s. The band's name came from the Archduke of Austria, whose assassination kicked off the start of World War I.

Much like JFK, Franz Ferdinand was shot while traveling in his limousine. The assailant also killed his wife Sophie. Surprisingly, the car survived without a scratch—but that doesn't mean that there wasn't a serious psychic imprint left behind.

In the dozen years after the Archduke died, the car switched hands a total of 15 times. Of its owners, 13 died, one went mad, and there was even a point where the car fell on someone.

Like other cars that are allegedly haunted and cursed, it eventually ended up in a museum. Ever since, no one seems to have died as a result of the Archduke's limo.

Bonnie and Clyde's Death Car

Bonnie and Clyde were two of the most famous robbers to ever live, but they died in a way that proves crime doesn't pay. The tragedy of Bonnie and Clyde is that both died during an escape attempt, gunned down by police in their Ford Model 18 V8 in 1932. The car had over 100 different bullet holes in it by the time the standoff ended.

As far as cars that are allegedly haunted go, this one has a lot of clout. People who have taken photos by it noticed that their shots will have strange mists, orbs, or shadows that don't look quite right. Sometimes, people claim to see figures sitting inside of it for a brief second. 

Even if you don't see anything around this car, standing near this Ford elicits a feeling of being watched. At the museum where this car is housed, many staff members refuse to go near it at night because of the sheer heaviness that the car's aura seems to have.

The Jumping Car of Cape Town

In South Africa, one car definitely made a strong case for being haunted. In 2004, a family's Renault Megane started to act up in ways that couldn't be explained. The family had long gone to sleep, but woke up to a car that started up on its own.

The family called the police, thinking they were being carjacked. When police arrived, they went outside to see the car lurching around, almost jumping—without a driver or a key in the ignition!

Everyone froze, then the car let out a massive roar. It then promptly totaled itself by driving into a tree. Renault has come forward with a potential explanation: a rusty starter. Even if that were the case, how did the Renault steer itself?

Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Van

If you're a reader of true crime, you already know who Dr. Kevorkian is. He was an "Angel of Death" who euthanized hundreds of patients. One of the tools of his trade was a large white van that carried the poisons necessary to end human life.

His "deathmobile" became the talk of newspapers after it found its way into a pawn shop, having traded owners due to strange occurrences associated with the van. Ghost hunter Zak Bagans bought the van to investigate it on Ghost Adventures: Artifacts.

People who have gone inside the van claim to feel unseen eyes watching them, as well as an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

The Ghost Crash of Surrey

Most cars that are allegedly haunted have spirits or presences inside them, but not this one. Britain's Surrey police were called to the scene after reports claimed to see a car veer off the road and crash in a nearby forest.

Everything seemed like a pretty straightforward call until police got there. All evidence of a crash vanished, but they continued to search. Eventually, police found a wrecked car that matched the callers' reports—but it wasn't a newly wrecked machine.

The car in question had been missing for months, and had the rotting body of a young man inside. Neither police nor eyewitnesses to the crash can explain how this happened.

The Black Volga

Many people have stories about government agents in creepy cars in the United States. In Eastern Europe, few urban legends are as pervasive as that of the "Black Volga."

Volgas were known for being elegant, upscale cars that were often owned by government officials—including high-ranking members of the KGB. Volga limousines, in particular, had an ominous reputation for being associated with disappearances and kidnappings.

The Black Volga is a "phantom car" that was associated with government killings, but with a twist. People claimed that these cars would seem to vanish in thin air as they turned a corner. Witnesses who spotted the Black Volga claimed that they never saw a driver.

People who saw the car knew to run. Children and families would go missing after a Black Volga was spotted. If you were stupid enough to chase after the car, you'd be dead within a day.

Elvis's Red Cadillac

Elvis's ghost has been spotted in numerous places throughout Graceland and Hollywood alike—but did you know that his car has a ghost, too? It's true, if you believe in those things.

The Cadillac itself hasn't been seen since the King of Rock and Roll died, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the few cars that are allegedly haunted. You see, this red Cadillac is only spotted with Elvis already in it.

Graceland attendees have regularly reported seeing what they think is a very skilled Elvis impersonator driving a red Cadillac through the area. They only realize it's not an impersonator when they see him noiselessly drive through a wall!

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Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown

Detroit-born Buddy Brown is a 80s hair metal fan who loves cars, games, and sports. When he’s not drinking PBR while listening to Downtown Brown, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto or working on his El Camino.

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