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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Porsche 911

Before you start blazing down those sun-streaked streets in search of your long lost age, here's a few things you should note before buying a Porsche 911.

For over 50 years, the make and model duo have served as quintessentials among the supercar form. While they may not have been dreamed up into this concept from the start, Porsche (and the 911 itself) have undergone a wide variety of adaptations; like the Carrera series, or the GTR, they have attempted to infect the market at whichever hairpin turn, or semi-circular redirection it has taken over the years. That's because Porsche has been in the business for quite some time, their inception having initiated in the creation of heavy tanks and other military vehicles for which eventually led to the Tiger I and II, two of the fiercest war machines ever designed and the most terrifying adversary to face in open combat during WWII. Even amid these productions, Porsche was having a field day in the worlds of engineering and driving technology. A long list of victories, whether on the track or on the streets, have led them to the modern identity you know of today. 

What isn't there to know about the mesmerizing Porsche 911? It's among the best cars from movies in 2017, what with James McAvoy's sleek ride (for which he aptly drives like a maniac). They've been deemed among the best supercars of 2018. They have also helped shape Porsche into what it means today as an automobile company, amassing iconic viewership and entrenched within a deep history. That's all well and good, but that's not all there is to buying a Porsche 911...


Among many problems with driving vintage cars, handling is of utmost importance when maintaining your vehicle's overall stabilization and smooth riding technique. Not every car is going to hug the road like a Porsche, a minor but still highly important concept to adhere to when buying a Porsche 911.

Porsche 911 vehicles have, for over 50 years in the making, evolved into wielding some of the most impressive forms of handling and technology in the overall production of the vehicle. Swift through corners with masses of grip composure to support their superior handling, it's clear that buying a Porsche 911 is more like buying a cloud. 


One thing Porsche has been known for throughout its very long and interesting history is the somewhat affordability and average financing each vehicle has born. Porsche has been known as one of the few car brands to bridge that gap between supercar concepts with inexpensive quality (yet, still superb qualities nonetheless). 

If, of course, their more top of the line models are too expensive for you, there's also used and pre-owned vehicles to choose from. Porsche's long service with crafting and producing the most efficient engines on the road have led them to being deemed, more or less, gas guzzling beauts, but this shouldn't tale away from the overall prowess behind the ride. A starting price for the 911 is a roughly estimated £76,412. 

Sleek Interiors

No matter if you're looking into the luxurious insides of the 911 GT3, or if you're admiring the ostentatious 911 turbo engines, there's a lot to love in these vehicles. Every piece of intricate detail is put through vigorous testing and performance enhancing so as to ensure your 911 is as top of the line as if it were their newest concept. 

The interior, for these very reasons, has taken as much of a precedence as has engine functionality. No matter the case, when buying a Porsche 911, you need to be prepared for an unrivaled interior; all-leather seating, perfect visibility (even for it being such a low-riding vehicle), plus satellite navigation. You may not be getting all those dreamy add-ons provided by other dealerships and brands, but at Porsche, at least you know you'll be sitting comfortable after purchasing one of their many 911 types. 

Performance Output

Pre-purchase inspections will show you how the 911 engines are among the most sophisticated and complicated pieces of equipment in the entire vehicle sphere. A 911 Carrera, for instance, can hit an easy 62 miles per hour within only 4.4 seconds flat. 

That's not even with the Turbo or Turbo S packages, which will completely enhance your vehicle for not only a smooth and swift ride, but an easy 3.0-second 60 mile per hour run time, effectively knocking the wind right out of you before you can even say "Oh!" Performance, to the Porsche identity, is one of paramount interest and is readily defined within every single iteration of the Porsche 911. 

Car & Driver Safety

You might not think of Porsche as among the safest car companies on the road, but the 911 comes standard with six airbags, sophisticated control systems, and Isofix seat-mounting points in the back for an added bit of child safety. 

You'll also be asked, while buying the Porsche 911, what kind of particular buyer's guide options you'd like to choose, from convenience features like adaptive cruise control systems, to enhanced alarm qualities; Porsche has some of the most talented engineers and tech gurus behind the making of each individual 911. 

Wide Varieties

First of all, one of the coolest concepts of note when buying a Porsche 911 is the wide variety of available options to choose from, especially when you're dealing with only one car model, rather than several. For starters, the 911 has well over a million different trim levels, plus there's also around 16 variants ranging from air cooled coupes and drag racers, to cabriolets and four-wheel drive models. 

The Porsche 911 is, unequivocally, among the most iconic and ever-progressive model cars and will continue to impress us all well into the future of its iconic being. The Carrera is, by far, among the most beautiful Porsche inventions and continues to stun us all with its immense safety ratings, powertrain components, and utter performance as a herald among, you guessed it, the all-powerful supercar... 

THE Supercar

What's made Porsche so unrelentingly loved and praised by fans and drivers worldwide is its versatility and adaptability within the framework of supercar mechanics. They don't stress one particular mode of thought within the idea of a supercar, they push the very limits of the production, design, quality, interior, etc. of their philosophical and metaphysical ideal inherent with this concept of the "supercar."

Porsche, like Ferrari and McLaren, has been in the business of producing the most sophisticated and award winning machines ever to bear witness to the road. Their 911 concepts showcase today how Porsche specialists are the best in the business and can't afford to make an error of any kind. 

Engine Powertrains

Another sad reality to face when buying a Porsche 911 is their repertoire in poor fuel economy, which is only something you'd expect from a highly versatile and intelligent supercar producer. You'll want rear-wheel drive models, an optional automatic gearbox (over the manual gearbox), which leads to diminished CO2 emissions.  

That's not to say the Porsche isn't well-received with powertrain warranty options and a host of neat engine components that make the stunning ride even more of a spectacle to behold. If you're planning on getting either a Turbo or GT3 model, don't expect anywhere near good fuel economy; stick to Carrera GTS or PDK if you want the best in Porsche gas mileage control. 


Practically speaking, let's face it; a car over $100,000 is probably beyond unnecessary, and well over-priced, but Porsche? There's a certain class and style to the brand granted to so few and far between. When put up to the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini, the latter two brands have obviously molded themselves as far more superior in terms of speed and design. 

Porsche, on the other hand, as excited the public with more meaningfully practical rides that are intended to be, just as their very first mission was for the German government back in 1931, to design and produce the best car for the people possible. Unlike many other cars of its kind, Porsche 911s utilize a front boot, or trunk, and an engine in the back. This gives you far more space to load and unload necessities wherever you're 911 takes you. 

Unbeatable Reliability

Despite it being nearly seven years old, a Canadian study preformed in 2011 showed that 97.4 percent of all Porsche vehicles made in the last 25 years were still on the road at the time of the study. That's utter insanity. 

Not to mention being awarded, in 2014, most reliable vehicles on the road by Consumer Reports listings. And, if you need any more reasons for buying a Porsche 911, the Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Inspection Association) has officially named the Porsche 911 the most reliable German vehicle. 


Porsche first entered the history books way back in 1931, when Frederick Porsche decided to found a company, blunderingly titled "Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH," and among their very first projects was the legendary Beetle, crafted and produced under the maker Volkswagen, or the "car for the people." 

After the culmination of World War II, Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferry, took the company in his own direction by way of building his own car from scratch, which would turn out to look almost identical to the Beetle, the Porsche 356. By 1952, Porsche had built up its integrity and had just finished construction of an assembly plant, which was directly across the street from Porsche's oldest facility, Werk 1 as it's most often referred to. 

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