These Cars Will Get You a Ticket If You Drive Them

Whether cops want to admit it or not, driving certain cars will get you a ticket regardless of how good your driving record is.

We all have a friend who has a car that always seems to get stopped by policemen. Even if they are going 31 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour speed limit area, a cop will pull them over and write them up. 

Whether police officers will admit it or not, certain cars will get you a ticket just by the merit of you driving them. Most commonly, it's cars that have mods that make them police magnets—or cars that are clearly busted up messes. 

However, not all cop-magnet cars are modified or moving wrecks. With bad luck, buying certain new cars will get you a ticket regardless. Here are the most regularly-stopped cars currently hitting the dealership lots. 

Toyota Tacoma

Though it may be one of the most popular pickup trucks in recent years, it's also one of the most regularly pulled over cars on the road. According to statistics, driving a Toyota Tacoma will put you at a much higher risk for getting a ticket than a typical vehicle. 

Speaking as someone who's been a commuter, it may have something to do with the driving style associated with pickup trucks. However, it also could just be that cops dislike Tacomas. 

The Acura 3.0

This is definitely one of the more retro cars on this list, but it's also one of the most popular cop magnets on the block. People who drive these 90s thingamajigs are not in for a good time. Due to their cheap price, they tend to be associated with very high-crime areas—and cops tend to see them as sketchy because of it. 

If you are looking for cheap reliable cars, these aren't a smart option. Because these cars will get you a ticket if you drive in the wrong area, an Acura 3.0 will often have you making extra payments just for all the run-ins with Johnny Law.

Dodge Stratus

This is another car that most police seem to have an eye on, much for the same "outlaw reason" that Acura 3.0s have. The Dodge Stratus is a very low-end car that is rarely seen in typical suburban neighborhoods these days—and as such, driving one of these cars will get you a ticket in upscale areas. 

That's not to say it's not one of the more glamorous cars on this list. More often than not, the Dodge Stratus tends to get guest appearances on TV shows like Cops or America's Craziest Car Chases

Volkswagen GTI

This is probably one of the coolest cars on this list, but statistics suggest that the GTI cars will get you a ticket more often than it won't. Maybe it's the high-end motor, the fast handling, or the fact that cops get salty over seeing someone with a nice car. 

We don't know, we just report it. 

Mazda 3

This is another one of the few cars on this list that will make you turn your head and ask, "Wait, what?" If you have this classic commuter car favorite, watch out. Driving these cars will get you a ticket, just according to statistics alone. 

Police officers have cited lots of them for moving violations, so while they may be "on paper" ticket magnets, driving carefully in them may help avoid police attention. 

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Anyone who knows about Monte Carlos steer clear of them. These old school Chevys are known for being pretty unreliable cars—and folks who have cop connections can tell you that driving these cars will get you a ticket, a search, and possibly an angry officer threatening you. 

These currently as some more of the frequently pulled over cars on the road, which is fairly impressive considering that they stopped making the Chevy Monte Carlo a while ago. 

Volkswagen Jetta

The VW Jetta has become a classic "girl's car," and it's actually one of the most popular cars on this list. However, it seems like driving Volkswagen cars will get you a ticket regardless of their rep. This is one of the most regularly ticketed cars in America since the mid-2010s.

(#Blessed, I guess?)

Nissan 350Z

To a point, it makes sense that a Nissan 350Z would be one of those cars that can get you ticketed. Driving and showing off all the features in these cars will get you pulled over because... well, it's easy to get carried away. 

When you add that to the fact that a 350Z is a status symbol among gearheads, and the fact that they're often equipped with rapper-approved car mods, it's easy to see why cops may be biased against these cars. 

Pontiac GTO

Considering that the Pontiac GTO is one of the heftiest muscle cars of all time, is it really surprising that a highly disproportionate number of drivers tend to find themselves getting pulled over by police while driving them? 

If we had one of the nicest muscle cars of all time, we'd be driving pretty recklessly, too. 

Lexus ES 300

The Lexus ES 300 is proof that luxury cars will get you tickets, too, if you're unwise about your choice. For the past several years, cops have been pulling over more 300-series Lexuses than any other luxury car on the market. 

The tickets can get pricey, and if you're driving a Lexus, you can't even tell the cops you can't afford it. Ouch. 

Subaru WRX

In a lot of ways, the Subaru WRX is like having a giant pile of dynamite sticks with a fuse that's labeled "light me." The fact is that it's a perfect storm for gearheads who love high performance, pulse-pounding speed, and plenty of congratulatory nods from fellow gearheads. 

Something about them makes people drive recklessly—and also seems to make cops take notice. (Might have something to do with the trademark Subaru exhaust noise, mm?) Either way, driving these cars will get you a ticket faster than you can say "Too Fast, Too Furious."

More than a third of all WRX drivers recently reported getting a ticket, so the numbers really do speak for themselves. 

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