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Spots in Your Car That Everyone Forgets to Clean

Love detailing your car, but hate noticing little spots that you might have missed? Make sure that you remember to wipe down spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean.

You don't need to be the owner of a classic muscle car or a super expensive sports car to want to keep your car clean. Keeping your car's interior pristine is incredibly important, especially if you're like me and have allergies to dust and grime. It's not like it's that terrible to do, either. 

For some car aficionados, detailing your car is a hobby that's similar to doing minor tweaks and mods. It's nice, after all, to have a clean car — and many people do find cleaning to be therapeutic in its own right. 

If you want to do something, you might as well do it right and make sure you don't miss all the spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean. Have you remembered these doozies?

The Carpeting

You would be shocked at how much grit, grime, and dirt gets tracked into your car — even if you're meticulous about stepping on floors that are relatively clean. It's even worse if you eat or chew gum in your car, since crumbs do happen more often than not. 

If you were to look down at most peoples' cars, you'll notice some dirt on the carpet. This is because most people aren't looking down when they're driving, and that's why it's one of the most common spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean. 

Underneath the Seats

Another shocking thing about cars is how often things will fall out of our pockets, purses, and hands... and slowly tumble into that little niche underneath the cars' seats. Even if you're meticulous about cleaning your car and keeping it tidy, things will fall in there. 

It almost seems like the underseat area is a wormhole to another dimension, filled with all the pocket change you lost over the years. Maybe that's why it's one of those spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean... Or maybe it's because we're too busy sitting in a car to remember that little gap? Who knows? 

Either way, you should clean it. 

The Trunk

We don't sit here, but a lot of the stuff that we haul around does. Most of us will put groceries in there, wet swimsuits (if you swim), and maybe one or two crates of liquor. 

That alone should make you realize that this place in your car will end up needing a thorough cleaning. Things there occasionally leak, spill, or otherwise end up sitting there. Despite everything, few people actually clean out their car trunks — which in turn makes it one of the spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean. 

The Knobs and Steering Wheel

Did you know that a computer keyboard has more bacteria than a toilet seat does? The reason why is because everyone's eating, doing things, then touching computer keyboards without even thinking of sanitizing their hands. 

The same can be said for the steering wheel and all the knobs in your car, too. So, if you want a more sanitary car, you need to just wipe those down from time to time. Or, you can learn to restore your steering wheel and give your car a full treatment, if you want. Either way, it's a good move. 

Cup Holders

It's hard not to notice crusty build up on cup holders. It happens whenever you're driving while drinking coffee or soda and have the misfortune of hitting a pothole. Even the tightest coffee lids will have a couple drops of latte come out when your car hits a bump. 

For the sake of sanitation, take a cloth and wipe down your car's cup holders. The bottom of your water bottle will thank you, and if you drink coffee, your car will also smell better. 

The Headliner

One thing that most people don't realize is how often their headliners end up getting gross. After all, common sense suggests that things won't spill on the ceiling of your car — and unsurprisingly, that makes your car's headliner one of the spots in your car everyone forgets to clean. 

If you open a can of soda and a couple drops fly up, it's possible the headliner will catch it. Do right by your car, and clean that car ceiling.

AC Vents

You'd be surprised at how gross AC vents can get in a car, particularly when you live in a humid environment. Anything that your car's air filter can't clean or catch, will end up getting sprayed through those air vents. This means that you have microparticles of smog, smoke, and that weird fart smell you get near the Turnpike entrance — all on your vents. 

If you've ever wondered why you car smells kinda funky when you turn on the AC, that's why. And, because no one thinks about that, your AC vents are spots in your car that everyone forgets to clean. A small sponge soaked with lavender oil will do wonders and disinfecting and deodorizing, here. 

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Spots in Your Car That Everyone Forgets to Clean
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