My Very First Car


It was an annoying February day in 2016 that my boyfriend and his best friend took me to see this car. When I first saw it, a 1987 Toyota Camry Wagon LE with a trash bag was covering up a window, it didn't even run; but for $300, it was mine. Of course, me at the time being a mother of two, I didn't want something that didn't run. I needed something NOW. However, my boyfriend finally convinced me to get it, and we took it to Victory Auto where I paid nearly $1,000 for the timing. Thankfully, it started right up. Now, if you're from Florida and you're 20 years old, you'll know how expensive registering your vehicle is. Nearly $500 for registration, title, and tag, etc. It was EXPENSIVE.

Now, moving forward. This car did have quite a few issues, and I absolutely hated it. The timing was the very first fix (obviously needed that to even get it to start); we've had to replace the spark plugs, oil pan, front shocks, and much more than I currently cannot remember, LOL. I also took it upon myself to get it tinted in the darkest I could possibly get. From there, I began to actually like the car. It began to run how I wanted it to, it looked how I wanted it to; all that was left to do on it was the A/C. However, I went through tires like crazy on this thing. In 2017 alone, I've gone through 30+ tires. My aggressive driving did take part is some of this, but something else could have been going on.

Now this car was my daily driver. I've had to travel to Largo all the way back to St. Petersburg on a daily basis cause of my job. My boyfriend also had his fair share in sneaking it while I was busy with the kids, and take it to his job and back home as well. We both loved this car after a year of owning it. I totally forgot to mention how beautiful, and clean this car looked on the inside. My kids loved it too! It had so much space in it, that I almost didn't need to have anyone help me haul anything. I've done some research around this time, and found how valuable Toyotas really are. Once I get rid of this 1998 Ford Escort that I currently have, I may just go back to owning a Toyota. This thing even handled the amount of bass power we've had in it too. At one point, my boyfriend ripped of the exhaust like a dummy and it sounded one of those cars stupid people do to sound cool. It was alright up until I had a bunch of teens try to race me. Like an 87 wagon could take on a much modern type of vehicle. Because my car sounded like that, my boyfriend's little brother took it upon himself to do it to his car too -_-.

Once it hit August of 2017, it's when I found out that Pedro was seeking an end. Of course, it's a 30 year old car, and found metal shavings when I've checked the oil. Me being who I am, I didn't think too much of it and kept driving it, along with the crappy tire issue I was experiencing. One day after dropping my boyfriend off to work, both the tires blew and the engine crapped out... There was no turning back with Pedro. I was devastated. Now with a Ford Escort, I feel cramped. Every day I miss Pedro.

I know, I've got to work on my blogging skills.