Most Reliable Cars Owners Keep Ten Years or Longer

Wondering which cars owners keep ten years or longer without cursing out the factory? These are the cars that have the best reputations for withstanding the test of time.

If you've ever hung out with mechanics, then you already know that there are some cars that are best leased out—and other cars that you can count on owning for years without issue. Truthfully, there's a lot of value in buying one of the most reliable cars on the market and most people can't deny that. 

On average, a typical American will hold onto their cars for around 6.5 years. That being said, around 12.4 percent of all drivers will keep their car for a decade or more. So, it's not as uncommon to see a car stick around as dealerships might have you believe. 

For most people, much of the decision to keep a car around hinges on the cost of maintaining the car as it gets older. Car owners don't want to have to pay more just to keep the same car they've been driving in most cases, after all.

Ever wonder which cars owners keep ten years or more? Surveys have been taken, and you might be surprised at which cars have people saying, "It's cheaper to keep her."

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is not exactly one of the most glamorous cars on this list, but it definitely has a lot that makes it one of the more reliable SUVs on the streets right now. It's roomy, functional, and has low maintenance costs as it ages. 

Around 24 percent of all Honda Odyssey owners end up keeping their cars for a decade or longer. As such, it's one of the most popular cars owners keep ten years or more on this list. 

Lexus RX Hybrid

Surprised to see a luxury car on this list? Well, we are too. Apparently, owners really love the Lexus RX Hybrid due to its great fuel economy, luxurious amenities, and great handling of the road. 

According to the survey performed, around 24.1 percent of all RX Hybrid owners choose to keep their cars for more than a decade. This makes it one of the most well-liked hybrid cars of its class. 

Subaru Forester

With around the 24.2 percent of Subaru Forester owners choosing to keep their cars around for more than a decade, Subaru's favorite compact SUV definitely ranks as one of the most common cars owners keep ten years or more. 

That being said, we're kind of surprised that WRX owners don't have a similar attitude to their cars. Both models are equally powerful, affordable to maintain, and fun to drive. (Okay, maybe the WRX is more fun, but still, don't you agree it's strange?)

Toyota RAV4

24.9 percent of all RAV4 owners choose to keep their cars for more than ten years, and it's easy to see why. These cars have a very solid reputation among mechanics for being low-maintenance, extremely durable, and for being some of the most well-built cars on the road. 

Though the RAV4 may have changed its body style for a while, the durability seems to have stayed pretty constant. That's why it's one of the most popular cars owners keep ten years or more. 

Honda CR-V

More than a quarter of all Honda CR-V owners make the decision to keep their cars for the long haul, and that's why they're one of the top cars owners keep ten years, 12 years, or even as long as 15 years under their names. 

As of right now, the Honda CR-V is one of the most popular crossovers in existence. Right now, this sporty SUV is one of Honda's top-selling models. Needless to say, its reputation for being an affordable, easy to maintain family car makes it a hit that will continue to get purchased for years to come.

Honda Pilot

Though it may not be as well-known as the CR-V, the Honda Pilot currently ranks among the top ten SUVs in the country thanks to its extremely spacious interior, great gas economy, and the many different tech features drivers get to choose. 

Right now, about 27.2 percent of all Pilot owners keep their cars for at least ten years after they buy them. This makes the Pilot one of the top five cars owners keep ten years or longer, nationwide.

Toyota Sienna

Though the Toyota Sienna definitely has a strong fanbase among larger families who love to discover the open road, this model has become a favorite "work SUV" due to its roomy interior and rugged build. As a result of its quality, it's also one of most reliable minivans in the country. 

Between its high reliability and low maintenance costs, it's understandable what makes the Sienna one of the most common cars owners keep ten years or longer—regardless of whether it's for business or personal use. 

Toyota Highlander

If you're looking for a little more meat with your muscle, then you might already know why the Toyota Highlander is so popular. But, its popularity is not what makes it one of the top three cars owners keep for ten years or more. 

According to mechanics, this is one of the most reliable mid-sized cars on the road. When you pair that with a very reasonable gas mileage of around 27 miles per gallon on a highway, it's understandable why owners feel it's cheaper to stick to what they've got. 

Toyota Prius

Yes, it seems like Toyota owners really love their cars. After all, most of the top five cars owners keep for ten years or more are from this extremely popular, extremely reliable brand. 

The Prius is one of those few cars that people tend to recognize due to its popularity with glitterati and the fact that it's a hybrid car. However, most gearheads will tell you that it's actually one of the more reliable hybrids on the market as well. 

Currently, about 32 percent of all Prius drivers have owned their cars for more than a decade. That's some serious staying power. 

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Surprise, Toyota really did capture most of the list of cars owners keep ten years or longer—and this just goes to show you that Highlander drivers really love their cars. The survey showed that almost a third of all Highlander Hybrid owners will keep their car for at least a decade before they switch. 

The moral of the story? Toyota's the brand people go to when they want serious mileage from their cars. 

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