Does Your Car Have A Community?

Certain cars tend to attract communities around them. Does your car have a community you don't know about?

Cars have a very strange relationship with the people who drive them. People either adore them or are just ambivalent about them. The people who adore their cars really go crazy about them - often to the point that it can be aggravating for those who don't own those kinds of cars. 

That being said, owners of specific kinds of cars or certain brands do seem to have communities within them. Many people who drive newly purchased cars are often surprised by the camaraderie they feel when other owners are around. 

Though cars definitely shift in popularity, there are definitely some car communities that seem to stay stable. Does your car have a community? Well, it depends on what kind of car you have - and what brand you might have bought.

Ford Pickup Trucks

If you have to ask a Ford truck owner, "Does your car have a community?" allow me to explain the answer. Yes - and even asking them will make you look like a fool. 

If you aren't aware, there is a huge fandom going on with Ford pickup trucks like the F-150. They are a huge status symbol among country fans, as well as people who enjoy "mudding" as a sport. Ford aficionados are infamous for loving tailgate parties, offroading, and also looking like cowboys. 

Additionally, when it comes to mods, even more low-income Ford pickup truck owners are known to take out a loan so that they can "lift" their trucks. 


Does your car have a community? Well, if you own a Jeep - any Jeep - the answer is a straight yes. 

If all the car brands that really are notorious for having a community, Jeep owners have to take the cake. Jeep owners are notoriously tight knit, and that's partly due to marketing endeavors done by the Jeep company. 

You see, right off the bat, every person who buys a Jeep is taught how to do the "Jeep wave," and are told that "it's a Jeep thing." Owners, for some reason, are pretty friendly to one another. 

To be fair, they are very durable, rugged cars. That alone gives people the idea that they are something to be proud about owning. And, they can be fun on off-roading adventures. 

Even so, the amount of pride some Jeep owners have for their car can be borderline unhealthy. Yes, we've seen owners with 10,000 photos of their Jeep on Instagram. We don't get it. 


Teslas, along with hybrid cars like the Prius, tend to have their own little car community as well. Much of the community surrounding Teslas is online - and is focused on the future of car technology, help finding garages that offer Tesla car service, and just answering questions about the tech-friendly vehicle. 

That being said, the Tesla car community is more about social responsibility and cutting down greenhouse gasses than most others on here. The same can be said about other cars that have hybrid features, too. 

MINI Coopers

Considering how iconic the look of the car is, it's easy to see why there's a strong community among drivers. They're easy to spot, they're a luxury car that's known for racing, and yet they're still cute enough to be a status symbol among women, too. 

Surprisingly, MINI fans tend to meet up at a number of different charity events dealing with the cars themselves. Dealerships often get in on the fun by offering to donate to major causes, too. 

Much like Jeep owners, MINI owners also tend to wave to one another when on the road. 

In some cases, they may also be known for attending rallies involving MINI race cars, doing car mods, and more. MINI Coopers actually are one of the few "urban" cars that actually have dealership-approved car mod options. That makes these cars vehicle inspection-ready, fun, and customizable.

That being said, the culture surrounding MINI Coopers can be hard to find in certain parts of the US. So, if someone asks a MINI Cooper dealership,"Does your car have a community?", the answer may be dodgy at times. 


Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle company - not a car company. But in terms of culture, they really can't be beat by any four wheeled vehicle we've seen. People will actually legitimately go to their local Harley dealership just to hang out. 

Motorcycle clubs also tend to be focused around Harley-Davidsons, as well. In some cases, they may even have Harley-Davidson ownership as a requirement before you can enter. 

Owning a Harley-Davidson is kind of like stating your opinion on life and everything else. You're wild, you're retro, but you're just cool as sin. Part of that awesomeness is knowing you have a community that you can stay in contact with year after year. After all, no one ever owns just one Harley-Davidson in their life. 

Lowriders And Heavy Modded Cars

If you can't answer yes to the question of "Does your car have a community?" by just owning your own brand of car, then don't fret. There's still a car community that you can join - and no, you won't have to take out additional auto loans to do so. 

Unlike other kinds of car communities, you don't need to own a particular brand of car in order to get into this car community. People become members of this group by modifying their cars - often tinkering with difficult modifications that make cars "bounce," blast music at ear-spitting levels, or line the car's interiors with lights. 

The community, obviously, is mostly focused on showing off the mods they do, teaching others how to mod cars, checking out new mod information, and also talking about how to past state vehicle inspection. Most commonly, people who are in this community tend to be in the car service industry - but not always. 

Of all the car communities out there, this is often one of the most tight knit. After all, there's a lot of bonding to do when your cars might get pulled over at any minute due to a modification you did to them. 

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