Common Mustang Misconceptions

Is the wild horse as bad as some people make it out to be?

The Mustang lifestyle isn't for everyone. With many models being hated and others adored, the Mustang is one of America's most influential and controversial sports cars. I've gotten a lot of feedback through the years and it is always one of a few things. 

1. "You're so basic. Everyone and their 16-year-old has a Mustang."

Ah yes, when I took my car to the mechanic, the first thing he said was "Oh man, another kid with a Mustang for his starter car." While this may be true, it only adds to the reason to want one. If everybody has one, that means there's an abundance of parts and cars. And with fields upon fields of junkyards filled with Mustangs of every year, the odds you will find the part you need is extremely in your favor. Picking up a part from someone parting out their Mustang would normally cost you an average of $25 - $50 depending on who you're getting it from. Regardless, $50 bucks for a working part right now is better than $600 for a brand new part that will take days to get to you.

2. "It's a Ford. Fix or repair it daily."

Every car and brand has taken a beating at one point or another. What shapes a company is the view that the public has of them. Take a look at EA. With all the micro transactions and the Star Wars MMO that fell flat on its face, it hasn't earned the best reputation... But people still love Star Wars. It can still be good if you take care of its problems and don't just give up and go on to the next project. The same rings true with Mustangs, but the main reason why they get so much hate is because reckless people drive these things into the ground because they are such a cheap car to get your hands on. I had a friend in high school that would purposely try to break the engine on this thing. He would go 70 mph and try to force it into reverse while slamming on the gas. Why would anyone do that!? Because it's not a $50,000 Mercedes. I can't say I'm much better, but my mistake was from not knowing a single thing about cars at the time and taking a garden hose to my engine block while it was overheating... The following CRACK is what I now know to be my head gasket breaking. These are the problems that people pick up when they buy the car from people like my friend and myself and than blame it on FORD for making it that way. Anyway, my point is that they aren't a "Fix Or Repair Daily" car if you do regular maintenance and don't treat it like you're trying to lose it. 

3. "Not Enough Power" or "Doesn't Look Fierce"

Are you serious? Mustangs are the #1 most modifiable car on Earth, only followed by Honda ricers. Because of their massive fan following and abundance of manufacturers appealing to the fan base, you can do almost anything you want to your car. I'll be putting rear lights from a 2012 on my 1995 just because I can. If there ever happens to be something I don't like on my Mustang, I can mix and match every single part inside and out until it is just the way it is in my dreams. Just take a look at as one of the many sites appealing to enthusiasts.

All in all, don't buy a car if you won't take care of it. That rule isn't just for Mustangs. At the very least, change your oil every 3-4,000 miles or 7-8,000 with synthetic oil. 

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Common Mustang Misconceptions
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