Best Cars from Movies in 2017

Believe it or not, this year's been great for movie cars that turned into movie stars. This list of the best cars from movies in 2017 proves it.

There's something to be said about a car that's so awesome, so attentio-grabbing, that it steals the show. When you see a car that ends up becoming permanently tied to a movie franchise, it's hard not to admire it in some way. 

2017 has been a year filled with cool movies of all genres, and along with those movies has been a number of really epic cars. This list will show you the very best cars from movies in 2017—and why audiences across the nation loved them. 

John Wick 2: The Chevelle

Yes, we all love that gorgeous Ford Mustang that was featured in the original John Wick movie. How could we not? But, as great as it was to see one of the best American muscle cars in history make it to this action flick, seeing him go on the war path in a Chevelle just felt right. 

The way they showed that Chevelle made it one of the best cars from movies in 2017. Seriously, anyone who saw this film immediately went onto the Chevelle side of things—even if it was just for a little bit. 

Logan: The Limousine

There's something to be said about all of the cars that were featured in Logan; they were all epic. There were muscle-wielding trucks, slick sports cars, and of course, one of the most rugged limos you'll ever see in film. If given the chance, almost all the cars in this X-Men movie would be on a list of the best cars from movies in 2017. 

However, for fairness's sake, we have to choose just one—and that'd be the limo. No other limo you'll ever see in a movie will be as rugged and powerful as the one featured here. It'll give you a new respect for the often too-plush rides you rent for prom. 

The Fate of the Furious: The Bentley

The Fast and The Furious has become a staple for great cars. In fact, it's basically the movie that everyone watches for drool-worthy machinery. So, its most recent sequel, The Fate of the Furious, had to follow in its steps. 

Yes, there were a lot of classic muscle cars from the 70s and a really pretty Lamborghini, but of all them, the 2010 Bentley they featured had to be one of the best cars from movies in 2017. Why? 

Well, paintjob aside, it's really just a visually striking car. It's beautiful, powerful, and perhaps one of the most impressive to watch. Admit it—you cried when this car crashed. 

Lowriders: The Convertible Chevy

Let's face it—lowriders are a definite rapper-approved car choice. 

You can't be a fan of rapper-approved car mods like lowrider hydraulics without looking at a movie like Lowriders and wishing you could get all that gear for your car, too. Realistically, every single car that was featured in Lowriders deserved to be called one of the best cars from movies in 2017. 

This movie was a tribute to East LA car culture, and it's great. All the cars from Lowriders were hand-picked by a single person, and boy does that guy know cars! These babies were beautiful, but that one bouncy convertible they had just stole the show. (You know which one I'm talking about.)

Baby Driver: The Subaru WRX

Subarus have definitely earned a special place in most gearheads' hearts, but the brand really sealed the deal when they had a Subaru WRX be the star of the show on Baby Driver. The car's handling in the movie basically was what made Baby Driver worth seeing.

Yeah, we gotta hand it to Subaru. The WRX in this flick is one of the best cars from movies in 2017—and probably one of the best cars to be driving if you want some serious zip. 

Overdrive: The Alfa Romeo

Overdrive was one of the few movies this year that was chock-full of real vintage cars—or their replicas, in certain cases. Yes, there were breathtakingly pretty Jaguars from the 50s and enough Ferraris to fill a room, but the real star of the show? The classic Alfa Romeo. 

That beautiful red car is a collector's dream. It's a classic car with a lot of power, a convertible top, and also happens to be a rare pick from the golden age of cars. What's not to love? Needless to say, it's one of the best cars from movies in 2017. 

Atomic Blonde: The Porsche 911

Atomic Blonde was one of the most kickass movies we've seen in a long time, and while it's more known for Charlize Theron kicking butt to a killer soundtrack, it's worth pointing out that it has one of the best cars from movies in 2017 in it. 

One of the cars in this film based in the 80s is an old school Porsche 911—one of the best sports cars to ever be made. It looks stylish now, and it sure as hell looked amazing back then, too. To this date, the Porsche 911 is one of the most reliable sports cars ever made... so those spies definitely had good taste.

Logan Lucky: The Chevrolet SS NASCAR

Logan Lucky, not to be confused with Logan, also had some of the best cars from movies in 2017. This isn't surprising, though, since the entire movie was centered around one of the best places to watch NASCAR live—Charlottesville Speedway. 

The entire movie is about a heist that goes on during a major NASCAR Race. Real NASCAR fans got to celebrate when they saw a Chevy SS NASCAR during the film, making it one of the best nods to motorsports we've seen this year.

Blade Runner 2049: The Custom Peugeots

Many of the best cars from movies in 2017 were great, but to be honest, aren't going to be iconic. In 10 years, no one is going to remember a Subaru WRX from Baby Driver, right? 

Well, with Blade Runner 2049, this isn't going to be the case. All of the Peugeots in this flick were custom-made for the movie—and oh, does it show! These cars are total lust objects for someone who loves seeing futuristic cars. 

Now, if only we could buy them...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The Ford Cobra

Last but not least, we have to point out that one of the coolest things you can do in a movie is have superheroes driving supercars. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had Ego and Meredith Quill driving in Missouri in a really nice, really retro Ford.

Sure, they aren't superheroes, but their son will be—and that's pretty close. This scene was so feel-good, it's damned worth watching twice. Just because the car is as retro as it is, we're gonna cite it as one of the best cars from movies in 2017. 

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