Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

Essentials for Your Car Emergency Kit
a year ago
Even if you drive one of the most reliable cars out there, there is still a possibility of breaking down and becoming stranded—which obviously can be scary. Scarier yet would be breaking down without ...
Least Fuel Efficient Cars of All Time
a year ago
Back when gas was cheap and we thought it'd last forever, it's not hard to see why some of these fuel guzzling, environmental disasters were made. Nowadays, if you don't have decent miles per gallon y...
Best New Cars of 2017
a year ago
New cars today are a combination of safety, reliability, and performance. The more a car has of all three, the more likely you are to read about them on this list. Many of these vehicles are highly aw...
Most Affordable Cars for College Students
a year ago
What are you looking for in a great college car? Well, if you're commuting, the most important things are going to be reliability and fuel efficiency. You don't want to treat your college car all prec...
Best Engines You Can Buy Today
a year ago
Gearhead's always want to look under your hood and find out exactly what you're working with. They want to know what kind of power the thing has, and trust me, they certainly won't be shy in letting y...
Top Pickup Trucks Available Right Now
a year ago
More than any other vehicle on the market, a pickup truck delivers a statement — a statement of American muscle. However, pickup trucks don't come cheap, and if you make the wrong decision and buy one...