Adrian Scott

Horror-movie fan and wanna-be chef looking to travel the world.

How To Protect Your Car from Road Salt
a year ago
Though road salt is certainly our friend when it comes to melting snow and ice, it is also something that can cause rust and corrosion in our vehicles. Though this might be the last thing on your mind...
Common Mistakes People Make at the Car Dealership
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Why You Shouldn't Run Your Car Low on Gas
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Though tempting, picking up the habit of using every last bit of your car's fuel is never a good idea. Understanding the inner workings of your car is crucial to coming to terms with how poorly you ar...
Given the Odds, These Cars Will Get You Killed
a year ago
From Ferrari, to Chevrolet, to Ford, these car models are not something you're going to want to invest in, let alone sit passenger. As some of the world's dangerous vehicles, these are the top ten. Gi...
Crank the Tunes with the Best Subwoofers for Your Car
a year ago
An audio system is a great way to upgrade your ride. But where do you start? The world of subwoofers is huge. And there are options and prices that vary from every spectrum. With sound quality, versat...