Alpha Romeo Disco Volante

The Perfect Italian Car

Disco Volante 

"Disco Volante" means the flying saucer in Italian but there is a twist; the car is not made by Alpha. This is the best example of a coach building group from Milan known as Touring. They are the oldest coach builders in the car world, established in 1926, now they are designing Bentley and Maserati, but they designed the first Lamborghini 350 GT, Jensen Interceptor, Alpha Romeo 2000, Aston Martin DB 5 and DB 6, and that is quite a CV.  

Touring Company Logo

In the modern times they have decided to make the new Alpha, basically it's just an Alpha Romeo 8C with a heavily reworked body, engine, suspension and exhaust system. The car is made by hand, showing the art and skills of workers that made this beauty. The car is basically just like a human who has had plastic surgery. Famous car journalist Jeremy Clarkson said, "the car feels like it is massed produced" and that is a high praise for a small company.


However, the engine is not the same that was in the Alpha; the company used a 4.6L V8 which is not turbocharged or has a supercharger. Amazingly, it produces 444 horsepower and 480 N.m of torque. The engine was previously used in some Alphas and Maserati but on this car it is heavily reworked. Do not be fooled with the sleek designs thinking that it is a slow car; it takes 4.2 seconds to reach 0–60. It boasts a top speed of 182 miles per hour. The car is not that heavy because the body frame and the chassis are fully made from carbon fiber and Aluminum.

The transmission is a 6 speed automatic with rear wheel drive, which gives the perfect weight distribution for high speed corners. The suspension used in the car is the same from the Alpha, but there is one twist. The Alpha has a tighter suspension because it is a sports car and the Disco Volante has a softer suspension which smooths the ride of the car. It doesn't rattle or shake. But from some sources the brakes are spongy and it's very hard to see from the back window. Basically it's a car driven in low speed with a pair of sunglasses.


The interior of the car stands out from all other cars with the rich Italian leather and the trimmings are hand made. It has small port to connect mobile devices to charge or listen to music. There are two speakers in the car on the door panel. The dashboard dials are designed from both retro and 21st century. The central unit has an optional feature we can customize with a small touch screen pad. The name Disco Volante is stitched in the seats of the car.

The roof of the car and the floor both have colorful LED lights that can be changed according to your mood. The exhaust is completely different from the Alpha; it is now more spiritual than just loud bangs.     

The Design 

The design of this car is the most important factor of why this car is so far the best looking in the whole world. I love the way the car is painted with gold first and then with red which enhances the paint. Makes it richer.

It's interesting how many elements from other things are in that shape. We can see the headlights are similar like the Ferrari 599 GTO, a little of Corvette, a bit of the Jaguar e-type, the front looks like the NASA Discovery space shuttle. All this comes with wide mouth dropping price as it was auctioned for 800,000 pounds. A Maserati heart, an Alpha Romeo badge, and a hand crafted body to die for. What a combination.     

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